CNN host comically shuts down Robert F. Kenndy Jr.'s vaccine lie in just 3 seconds (video)

Originally published at: CNN host comically cuts off RFK Jr.


But why did they even have him on the program?


So they could do the clip bit.


So what did he say after they showed him the clip of him saying what he said he didn’t say? (and no, i’m not going to 'Watch on X’itter [petulant child posture])


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“Did you say that any vaccines were not safe?”

“No, what I said was the vaccines were not tested for safety”

Yeah, that’s the same thing. And he’s wrong…if you’re not in the field, you’d be stunned at the amount of testing that goes into drugs in the US, vaccines being one of many drug types.


The mRNA vaccine has been under development for over twenty years! My wife has written papers on this shit.

I have known what the various virus shapes are for several decades. I’m a software guy. Fuck off!


Even more, it’s been 50 years since we discovered and thought “hey, I bet we could use this!”

Heck, 20 years of analysis of H1N1 was a major stepping stone to the rapid development of COVID19’s vaccine, because they are both coronaviruses (coronavirii?).


Essentially, that he’s not against the theoretical idea of a vaccine, just against all actually existent vaccines. There’s some “no true Scotsman” joke to be had here.


As Driftglass and Bluegal continue to remind us:

No Fair Remembering Stuff.


What’s are the 72 vaccines kids are mandated to get?

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My brother fell for this sort of word game with the coronavirus vaccine and died. These evil scumbags play rhetorical games to prove that up is down, and get fame from it. Which they turn into cash and ego stroking. My thoughts on what they deserve for such behavior are not fit for this blog, and will remain unsaid. But they make this atheist wish there was a hell.


I’m so sorry… no wonder so many of us are feeling traumatized by the last few years. I’m sure your story is not remotely unique either. I know it’s not real comfort, but so many others had this same experience as you. These asshole have so much blood on their hands.


And really the only reason it was actually ready to be deployed against COVID was massively due to the diligent work of an ignored, ridiculed and marginalized scientist who’d been championing MRNA vaccines for decades. She finally got the recognition she deserves for saving millions of lives just this year (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ‘23).


You won’t remember, but you took time out to be kind when I mentioned James’ death right after he passed. Thank you, for both times. Is there an emoji for deep appreciation of someone? :slight_smile:


Awww… Just knowing that you remembered that is more than appreciation enough!

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About all I can think is he looked at this: and added up all the vax’s on the schedule at an individual dose rate. That ends up in the low 100s for total number of vaccine doses. Where I grew up in Michigan, kids are now required to have DTAP, MMR, Chickenpox, Hep B, Polio, and Meningococcal up to date. That gives a total of 16 doses throughout childhood.


it is completely wild to take the stance ( as he does ) that medical science has done too good a job at stopping these deadly diseases. how dare we have vaccinations against them!

( it reminds me of how whenever there’s a big shipment of drugs caught at the border, the gop yells about how shipments of drugs are being caught at the border. )


The CNN host’s post on Xitter gives this as the official reason:

I interviewed RobertKennedyJr on CNN. A recent poll showed him winning 21% for president.

That recent poll appears to be this Monmouth University poll. And honestly, it’s pretty scary. It looks like a lot of voters are unsurprisingly not all that excited about either Trump or Biden. So when asked if they would vote for RFK, Jr, a lot of those voters said yes. Digging deeper into the poll questions, they discovered that most of those voters were unaware of RFK Jr’s antivax rhetoric, including that he still maintains that vaccines cause autism.

I think CNN was right to interview him, and I think they were right to ambush him like that on his antivax stance. People need to find out that he’s not a Kennedy in the mold of his father or uncles. Most of us here already knew that, but we are not typical voters. We are, as a whole, much more informed. RFK Jr is polling high because of his name. People need to learn he’s not a good idea.