CNN's Jake Tapper cuts off Trump aide for not answering questions


Thanks for saving me from being late to work @KathyPartdeux. I kinda have to agree with you there. Sounds like a combination of some kind of panic alarm, Marilyn Manson and a really good drum corps. One of those things is not like the others…


Wow, that’s awful. So awful it’s a strong contender for official theme song of 2020.


I can’t even imagine all that synth on a home theater system filling the room. Hideous.


The box delivers pain, but the gom jabbar is the needle-tipped thimble that gives a friendly jab of meta-cyanide if they pull their hand away.

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It also brought this to mind:

which was rather amusing the 1st three times it was played at a punk club. It quickly palled, and after the jocks appropriated it for constant play at sporting events, it was terrible.