Co-chair for a Ron DeSantis PAC gives up on the Florida man: "He makes dumb moves" (video)

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He got elected in a conservative state that gerrymanders Democrats out. Then he goes on about woke that no one understands. Now he switches to the old trickle down economics, just as the economy is getting better. Come on Republicans, what do you expect?


DeSantis’ main error is operating on the assumption that the Know-Nothing 27% will ever choose competence over charisma – even in a bigoted fascist politician who promises to “hurt the right people.”


DeSantis has neither. He has self-confidence. Which is worth fuck all in politics if that’s all you have, even if you’re an asshole courting the votes of other assholes.

Good news for everyone except Ron.


Magas love ron, they love Florida, they love the book ban and pandemic denying, they love him shipping immigrants around the country, they love to silence gays… Ron was going to turn the country into Florida and they were loving it. They don’t care about budgets and inflation when those topics can be easily “fake news’d” out of their conscious.

The only thing wrong with ron is that he is not the cult leader, and now the magas are all too happy to pledge their allegiance to the orange one all over again.


Yeah…that’s the problem with DeSantis. It’s not the hate-mongering, it’s not the anti-woke bullshit, it’s not the fascist politics. Nope, that is all perfectly ok with this “political operative”. It’s DeSantis’s personality that’s the problem. You know, I’m sick of these assholes who act like they’re anti-Trump, because they’re not really. They’re perfectly fine with all of Trump’s policies and everything else. They just don’t like that he’s a loser. So they thought DeSantis was going to be Trump without the baggage, but it turns out he’s just as much a loser on the national level as Trump is, and probably more of a loser. They are going to keep looking for their Trump in a nicer package, and if they find it…oof.


Almost like, and bear with me here, but maybe… Maybe fascists are assholes. Unavoidably, inevitably, irredeemably assholes. But hey, it’s just a thought.


Gee…I think you might be onto something there!


Ron is the sort of person who appeals to the terminally-online conservative media-heads. For anyone who’s outside of that dedicated media bubble he’s… uncanny valley.
Are you dedicated to building hype for your tribe? He might have some appeal, but the moment you deal with the person, it gets unsettling, fast.


does anyone have any info on how accurate these polls turn out to reflect voting behavior? i thought there’s been a whole big thing the past few election cycles about how wrong and random the polls are, and yet there are stories everywhere about this guy and that other guy’s poll numbers

do the numbers really mean anything at all?


Wish I could send this info to myself to read a year or so ago. That way I wouldn’t have wasted any time thinking of him as a competent Trump.


Polling of Republicans I trust.

Overall polling? Not really.


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Liburals are so MEAN!!! So uncivil! /s

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Whenever these polls are proven right, everyone leans into polls being clairvoyant, and when they fail, that just gets ignored…


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