Cocaine Shark is apparently a thing

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I can’t wait for the crossover. A ship carrying a drug cartel’s product sinks in a hurricane. A group of sharks is exposed to some of that product and goes wild then gets picked up by the storm and carried inland where they end up in a funnel cloud.

Coming Summer 2026: Cocaine Sharknado!

The subtitle on the poster: “They’re Gonna Blow!”


Doo doo doodoo doodoo!

It’s definitely going to blow.


Tell me it’s from the same people who made the Sharknado movies!

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On its face, yes, the premise is absurd, however, a bear really did find a brick of blow in a Georgia forest. The bear died from OD and didn’t kill anyone, but now we have a pretty good horror movie. :woman_shrugging: (Yes, I’ve seen it. I thought it was going to be a comedy. I was super wrong about that.)

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Fraid not, but the director made Sharkula, Noah’s Shark and Sharkenstein, so I think he knows what he’s doing.

And no, I didn’t make any of those titles up.

From the trailer it looks and sounds like a SyFy original movie production. I’d watch it on TV but not in a movie theater.

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