Cola-flavored soy-milk

Not sure how the cola-flavored soy milk would be without any carbonation, but I can tell you that mixing milk with coca cola is sommmmewhat like an egg cream (no chocolate of course, but the flavor of the coke/caramel does a halfway decent imitation.) In a pinch, of course. It’s hard to top a proper egg cream (Dutch Schultz would agree!) but necessity and drunkenness are often the mother of invention.

I once drunkenly had a beer and icecream float. It was pretty good at the time.

Same goes for skittles mixed into peanut butter.

Still not as bad as Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos. I can’t wait to buy a pack.

I was just about to Photoshop some nipples onto a soybean in response to this comment, but then I had a rare moment of self-reflection and asked myself what I have become.


Somebody beat you to it.

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I guess we might as well throw this one in too then.


Haha. Fantastic.

Root beer milk!


Cola flavored raisens…sounds kinda yummy for some reason.

i c w y d there!

I think Albert Hofmann might have a hand in that.

Three words: “Egg Cream Soda.”

DENTAL TIP: A buddy of mine went to the dentist. He confessed that he drank coke several times a day, every day. The dentist said that drinking coke is like soaking your teeth in sugar. Since he told me that, I always prefer to drink in a straw.

As for the soy mike coke…who knows…don’t knock it till you try it.

Is it carbonated?

Yes. Chocolate egg creams, which contain no egg, are awesome.

(Fox’s U-Bet chocolate sauce, milk, seltzer.)

(As I understand it, Egg Creams were originally a proprietary syrup, which did contain egg whites. Then someone realized that if you hit strong chocolate milk hard with seltzer you could get the same foamy head without egg, and without having to pay extra for the branded product.)

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