Cola-flavored soy-milk




Just because you can, doesnt mean you should.


diz-gusting... people, drink and eat real food.


"Now with Gag Supressant!"


I can't see any reason that this should be inherently stranger than chocolate-flavored soy milk, or vanilla-flavored, or malted, or any of the many other flavorings that have been added to milk-like/shake-like beverages. Almond milk exists. Cola is just another nut...


Soy "milk" IS inherently strange.


I always said it should be soy juice.


Interesting. I recently spotted cola flavoured raisins, so now I can make a cola-flavoured rice pudding. smile


That company's green tea-, royal milk tea-, and coffee-flavored soy milks are actually quite delicious. I used to get 'em fairly frequently when I lived in Japan. I'm not saying cola soy milk sounds appealing to me, but I might try it if I had the opportunity.

Thinking about it, they did have a banana flavor I wasn't very fond of, but I don't normally like banana flavored things anyway.


I'm surprised this is a notable enough "weird" food to warrant a gawking post with no accompanying text, and even more surprised to see how most of the comments are hyperbolic displays of disgust.

Pouring cola into a tumbler of soy milk is fucking delicious, and there's nothing gross or weird about it. Use vanilla Coke, or vanilla soy milk, and you have something not unlike a Coke float. Soy milk with cola syrup pre mixed in doesn't seem any grosser or weirder than, say, pre-mixed soy chocolate milk.


No more strange than grown-ass humans drinking milk intended for baby cows, honestly.


Is this a healthy alternative to milk and Pepsi that Penny Marshall always drinks?


I cannot imagine why this is surprising. Are you familiar with the internet?


To be fair, it's a combination of flavours that many people in the west would not think to try, and it's not only difficult to imagine how it might taste, but very easy to imagine that it would not taste pleasant. I'm intrigued that such a combination has not only been tried, but has also successfully been brought to market, and my local supermarket stocks it.


But, like, "sweet syrup + milk," even if it seems unusual, certainly doesn't seem especially alien or gross. It's not, like, vinegar milk or something...


Cola's normally a soda, and sparkling milk sounds a bit weird so can understand the initial apprehension, though Calpis Soda is a sparkling yoghurt drink, which is quite pleasant... Then there's sparkling espresso (awful), wasabi cider (quite nice), hot ginger ale (really really bad), salty watermelon Pepsi (eeeeugh) the track record is varied but does not give me cause for optimism.

I have a feeling vinegar milk has been done.


just look at it.


Not exactly vinegar, but there's this.


Calpis is pronounced "cow piss" - at least in my household it is. Just sayin'.

@hereticbranding: proving humans will drink just about anything to get drunk.


That's the precise reason they changed the name to "Calpico" for foreign distribution. Spoilsports!