Colbert's hysterical recap of Trump's out-of-touch moments at Bush's funeral


Note, though, that the Apostle’s Creed is not from the Bible.

Some evangelical sects (like the church I grew up in) don’t use it, though many mainstream Protestant churches (e.g., the Presbyterians, the church to which Hair Furor purportedly belongs) do recite it as part of their liturgy, regarding it basically as a sort of non-canonical but still handy “Pocket Summary” of what differentiates Christian from not-Christian.


That was the entire point of Colbert even bringing it up.

The Apostle’s Creed is not the point.

It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t want to participate, or if they are not Xtian, or whatever.

It only matters because his lack of participation clearly demonstrates 45’s never-ending hypocrisy (and possibly, his illiteracy.)


You’d think if he were illiterate he’d still fake it. Only the people in his immediate vicinity would know he was mumbling or just moving his lips.

My own wild guess: he detests all the living ex-presidents plus the deceased one so much that he was just sitting there waiting for the ordeal to end, and couldn’t even be bothered to fake it.


If he actually cared, sure; I might think that.

I’m going to reiterate a friend’s opinion that was stated elsewhere, which seems to ring very true:


Uh… Bush was a “kind man” the way Goebbels was a kind man. The fucker was painted up to his neck in 80s Central American dirty war shit before he decided to initiate the first invasion of Iraq and set policies of war and occupation there still in motion today.


No, a fair point and I get that. And no decent Christian would ask that of a Jew, either. But as a Catholic, I will recite the Apostle’s Creed at a Protestant service, even though it’s an incomplete version of the Nicean Creed, in my view, because when I show up to stuff – I’m not an asshole.



45 was, as usual, being a self-absorbed asshole.

It has nothing to do with tradition, ceremony, or any religious observation of any faith.



Well, yards, but yes.


We are in violent agreement. I tend to criticize things from a minimalist view. Eg He couldn’t even do X, why should I expect he do X+1


C’mon, cut the guy some slack. We do know that he’s got some pretty bad bone spurs…
this is sarcasm btw (for the sarcasm impaired)


Well, heck, he can’t even fake the National Anthem.


Ding Ding Ding Ding - we have a winner folks!


I doubt it has much effect on traffic when it’s on the closed-to-traffic part of Pennsylvania, though–which is what they did here. I just imagine they would close down 17th from H down to G for however long it took to get the president out of the car and into the Blair House, but they might not do even that.


Now Thomas Becket is spinning in his grave!


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