Colbert's spot-on "America: Endgame" animated openers for his convention coverage

This is exactly what ‘us’ from the rest of the world is hoping that you guys (non gendered) will do to this [person]. Hey attack from the inside or out. Perhaps use the 2nd amendment to fight a tyrannical regime. Just sayin. But FFS sort it out!

Love the music and the culture.

Peace and love.

Remember in my scenario, no election has taken place. If some part of it takes place then yes, the speaker becomes the President. However, the way the line of succession is written, per the amendment, until a Speaker is elected the President Pro Tempore is the President.

I realize I had a lot of if’s in my scenario, but we are in uncharted territory. My situation is where basically no one is elected - the election itself is in shenanigan territory.

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