Colin Powell endorses Hillary Clinton


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That is the most grotesque illustrative photo I believe I’ve seen.


Don’t go digging back through Rob’s Trump posts then.


Thanks for the warning.


You must be ne…

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Oh, you are! Cool. Fair warning, this is one of Rob’s more pleasant ones. And Welcome to BoingBoing!


Trump is the worst major party presidential candidate ever and if elected I am certain he will ruin this nation and the world.

That being said, if he promised to put the “artist” of these mouth-eye pictures in the gulag, I would vote for him.


Considering how much of a tool he was under Bush…


By most accounts he was one of the voices of reason within that administration, it’s just that his input was largely ignored. He didn’t speak out against his commander-in-chief at the time because his sense of loyalty won out over his better judgement. An unfortunate holdover from all his long years in the military chain of command, maybe?


It looks like all the Republican Party’s hard work in reaching out to Minorities is for naught, as yet another shiftless Urban Minority is voting Democrat Party for Obamaphones and “free” healthcare! And Trump thought he was one of the good ones!*

  • Trump 2016!


Colin Powell was also the officer who first investigated the My Lai massacre and whitewashed/covered things up for the Army. Later during the Reagan administration he not only was in the middle of Iran Contra and very likely involved in stealing the weapons from the Army, but lied repeatedly to hide Weingerger’s knowledge of the illegal sales. When he lied to the Congress about mobile weapons labs in Iraq it was just more of the same. His loyalty seems to win out over his sense of better judgment a lot.


I’d give my eye teeth for an endorsement like that.


I do find Trump’s criticism of the Mosul action to be pretty funny - he’s just so amazingly dumb, it’s like listening to an uninformed child opine.
"They’re so dumb. Why don’t they do a sneak attack? That’s what I’d do. I’d use ninjas. At night. Then I’d bring in the Transformers."
The irony of Trump talking about how dumb the strategy was (when it was both unavoidable and actually desirable), and what a laughingstock the US was a result is another case of Trump projecting - the only one looking foolish in all this was him. I’m not sure his supporters are smart enough to be face-palming over it, though.


So he’s not upset about the private email server?


I thought you were really quoting him until I got to the Transformers and even now I’m not sure.


Having your emails hacked is truly a bonding experience. You can’t understand the sense of fellowship it creates until it happens to you,


Sick of these ugly photoshops, Rob…Kinda like uncanny valley, very unsettling in a not good way.


I, for one, quite enjoy the photoshops. The grabby trump pic is still unsettling, but I don’t even know if that’s a photoshop.

Random sidetrack: Non-shooped Trump now consistently looks to me like he has shooped mouths for eyes. About every ten minutes or so of the last debate, I kept having to remind myself that Rob wasn’t actively editing the PBS video feed and ol’ baby carrot fingers just squints a lot. That was a bit unsettling.


I totally trust his recommendation, except this is the guy who gave us the false evidence to go to war with Iraq.


Colin Powell is the Corinthian? I’d never have guessed that.


Sorry, honest question here – is saying you are going to vote for someone the same as endorsing them?