Comic book artists vs gravity and boobs

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Spider-boobs! Spider-boobs! Do whatever a spider’s boobs can.



I mean, cmon, if they’re trying to titillate (hah) they gotta know that boobs that move would be mo better than whatever sort of failed hardened implants are represented there.

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Is a new special spiderweb made tank top. Made out of the same stuff that doesn’t let spiderman’s knackers waddle about in his suit.


She’s able to manipulate all parts of her body in such extreme ways because she’s taking over. She’s had enough of Peter’s unbelievable incompetence.


Yes, a bit off. Although, if she were drawn the correct way, there would have been diatribes about how the pose was deliberately drawn to emphasize the gravitational effect, followed by the usual back-and-forth nitpicking.


We need a Hawkeye version, stat!


At that point, it may as well be about ethics in game journalism.


No no no, the picture is correct, but BB have posted it upside-down. She’s actually just trying to stand up in a very low room.
Oh, and someone has glued her hair to the ceiling.


Clearly, the picture has been rotated 90° and MJ is leaning against the wall (at the bottom of the picture). What she hasn’t realised is that the wall has been freshly painted and her hair has stuck to it.


I hate to break it to you but, IRL Spiderman is not actually able to defy gravity by clinging to ceilings and walls.


Great minds and all that…

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At least they’re not the size of her head.

Also, go read Nimona.


I’m assuming that whatever technology makes space travel cheap and easy in the Marvel universe has also found its way into the clothing industry. Personally, I’m rather excited about the footwear applications.

Maybe they’re just fake

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Weapons-grade use of the word ‘knackers’ there. Northerner, I salute you!

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Would a padded/push-up brassiere have this effect?
Listening to friends talk, apparently a padded bra is required to fill some off the rack clothing for some women and beats injecting stuff into the body.

Clearly, the room is filled with an oxygen providing, heavier than water, clear, viscous liquid. That would do it.

I’m with her on the gravity issue. I’m a little confused why MJ needs help from Peter.

It’s a comic book character. You know Superman and about every superhero defies gravity on a regular basis, not to mention any other human non-superhero that gets in their way,