Comments about disabled worker could land Musk in more legal trouble

I have a feeling the man at the center of this will continue to reveal the quality of his character and will forgive Musk and move on. Whether or not there are any ramifications due to ADA violations, it probably won’t be from him. Because he’s clearly a better person than I am. I would drive a fucking stake through that vulture capitalist’s heart and sue him for everything I could get, INCLUDING a public admission of his guilt and a huge, hefty settlement.

But I am glad to have learned of Mr. Thorleifsson, a man who built his wealth whom I can actually admire for the good he’s brought into the world. If nothing else, I’m glad to have my stupid faith in humanity once more affirmed in the face of the unmitigated shittery of the ultra-wealthy.


The three fundamental parts of an apology:

  1. I am sorry
  2. It’s my fault
  3. I’m making this right in this way.

Even my socially awkward self knows that much, FFS.


A better person would push for ramifications, because if EM can get away with it for them then they will do it to other people.

However Halli Thorleifsson has a very good reason for not pushing, not having enough spoons to deal with it. It sucks, but it is the reality of having a disability like muscular dystrophy.


Doesn’t take any real responsibility for what he did. Blames other people for misleading him. Not once thinking that mocking someone for their disability is the wrong thing to do.

Situation so fucking-normal.

I hope Halli tells him where to stick it (Musk’s bathroom security dudes might be able to help there).


Well, everyone has their price. Don’t they, Mr Skum?


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I think you might have hit upon something, with the hoped outcome that Phony Stark is so personally bankrupted by his shenanigans that he has to sell his remaining stock of the two companies, and thus leave them alone in the future.


The wealth should be confiscated and redistributed. Ego is an immaterial attribute, but luckily there are definitely ways it can still be dropped in a wood chipper. How this can be accomplished is a logic exercise for the individual.


Thank you!

Halli knew exactly what he was doing when he posted this in the first place. Most of this would have been easily predictable.

I also recall seeing a note somewhere about financial consequences for Halli’s firing as terms of selling his design company to Twitter. Those sorts of sales don’t usually leave the founder floundering if they’re not fired for extremely clear cause.

I don’t think that Halli’s going to let him off easy and I don’t think he intended to from the beginning. He knows he has leverage on this situation. His track record seems to demonstrate a very dedicated, very savvy individual. His fighting this could be a big gain for disability activists and I think he probably is resourced to stick it out.


I suspect the contrary - that they’re all cringing as he does collateral damage to those companies as well (even if they’re feeling relieved that they don’t have to be the ones to deal with him, and are probably nudging their friends and co-workers and saying, “See, this is the kind of shit we stop him from doing, daily.”). He was just working outside their ability to police him, as they’re company-specific teams.

Yeah, very much a non-apology and lack of understanding of what he did, just an understanding he made himself liable and wants to just make it go away. (Apparently there was another, deleted tweet following up the one where Musk steps in it, saying, of Halli, “He’s the worst.” Elon Musk, projecting again…)


Thank you! This is great.

The way I phrase it with my kids is, if you don’t own your mistakes, how can you possibly own your successes?


Not my creation ça va sans dire. Still I find it sound advice.


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