Commercial for Bugle Boy, New Wave-commodifying mall clothes from the 1980s

We used to describe that shit as “mallternative”.


But irony is so 90s.



I took a taxi from L.A. to Venus in 1985
I was electromagnetically sucked back into a party going on that night
It was the glories of the 80s with karma drawn up in lines
And two Bugle Boy models saying, “Baby, it’s freebie, you sure look deprived”

Tori Amos: Glory of the 80s


Uhhh, yeah.


It’s post-ironic at this point, it’s just a jacket!


It’s poseurs all the way down


I rather like that you can tie down the fashion to the 80’s…even a particular part of the 80’s.

For the past 18 years. Youth fashion has been pretty much at a stand still, sure we had some Goth influences (which is mostly late 90’s), rehashed proto punk, but mostly you can’t tell a kid’s back to school must have fashion from 2000 from 2018. That’s not retro…that’s stagnation.

That’s from 18 years ago BTW


I yearn for the days when dumpster fires were cool atmospheric background props.


Maybe thinking of the current dumpster fire political climate as a “cool atmospheric background prop” will make things easier.
*thinks real fucken hard *

Nope. Doesn’t help. Worth a shot tho.

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I wish I’d kept more of my vintage 80’s clothing. I had a pretty eclectic collection both from the 80’s and shopping at second-hand clothing shops in LA in the 90’s before second-hand clothing shops became vintage shops and octupled their asking prices.

Of course I also wish I’d bought Apple stock when it was under a dollar a share and pop art before it became valuable. Hindsight, nature’s practical joker.


It’s largely the same in the world of art & design; there hasn’t been a major movement to shake things up in far too long. Back in the 80s you had punk, new wave, Memphis, and MTV creating incredibly distinct mini-eras of fashion and design that can nearly be tied down by the year. I don’t know if it’s the lack of a strong single cultural source (like MTV was back then) but things have been largely monotonous since 2000 or so. I think the last big shake-ups were Seattle grunge style and Ray Gun magazine.

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80s fashion was awesome! big hair, big shoulders, brash colors

I asked my dad for money for clothes once…
He told me - you have shirts, you have pants - anything else? you can work for.

he was right


Actually had some clothes like that. Seriously.


No, seriously.

On another note, I bet Weird Al’s old prop closet has a bunch of clothes from Bugle Boy!

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