Company will mail glitter to "people you hate"


This will not end well…

The guy whose idea this was wants rid of it already.


Celebrating hate mail.

This is not a Wonderful Thing.

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I wonder if I could treat Mr. D Cameron of 10 Downing Street, London to a dose of sparkles?

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lol glitter is not hate mail.


Seems like a waste of good glitter.

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Amazing, because I came to say what a lousy job. Great idea at first, but a lousy day-to-day. Did you ever stuff envelopes for a living?

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This belatedly explains one of my birthday presents, a tennis-ball-sized papercraft skull stuffed with glitter and sequins.

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Deliberately causing a mess in somone’s home by hiring a company to “send them so much glitter in an envelope that they’ll be finding that shit everywhere for weeks” – that is hateful.

Soft-core hate mail, but hate mail nonetheless. Only assholes do that shit.


Washington under lockdown, Hazardous Materials Unit investigating after envelope containing powder mailed to White House.

Hateful? Seriously? The hyperbole is palpable. Christ, get a hold of yourself.

It’s glitter.

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Sending shit seems to be fairly mainstream revenge.

Sending unicorn shit is novel.


The unspoken message of “We know where you live and could have sent you a bomb” is very much so, though.

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That applies to any mail.


Uh, what? That’s ridiculous. What a fucking major leap. I know a lot of addresses to a lot of people, some of whom I like, some of whom I dislike … and I have no desire to send anyone a bomb.

Unless it’s a glitter bomb. And that goes double for people I like, because this shit is hilarious and I have friends who can take a joke.

So if I send a letter to someone, does that mean I am telling them I can also send a bomb? WTF? Dude. No. Stop.


I have a sister who buys glitter by the pound. I expect anything she sends me to contain a lot of the stuff. I always smile when I find a fleck of it randomly.


This is a pretty idiotic idea, but yeah, agree with marilove that this would not count as “hate mail”, unless it’s followed by more harassment.

“more” harassment makes it seem as if sending glitter is considered harassment to begin with. No. Just no.

I meant followed by actual harassment. I don’t communicate perfectly in English, so I’m sorry for the confusion.