Comrade Carlson’s true colors revealed in this video

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I couldn’t bring myself to watch the original but this helped a lot. I’d suggest giving a similar treatment to other BB “WATCH:” videos featuring EmptyG, Biff, etc.


As many times as I’ve seen the Carlson clip, I can’t help but notice the matter-of-fact habit of making it all about him personally. Did Putin ever throw him out of a window? Did Putin ever serve him polonium tea? Did Putin ever offer the Taliban a bounty for his death? The answer to all of these is “no.” Since that all happened to other people, it’s all fine. And that’s the mindset of Carlson’s loyal viewers, I suppose.


He seems very concerned that someone may impinge upon his dog parmigiana supply.


Carlson is so over-the-top and in Putin’s lap, that if you watched a Tom Clancy-type movie with this Carlson-type character, you couldn’t sustain belief in the characterization. The character as written is too shamelessly chauvinistic. No one would do that in real life. Except…


a quote often attributed to clancy goes to this:

“the biggest difference between truth and fiction is that fiction generally has to make sense.”


That’s the trick, really. His audience isn’t interested in nuance and historical context. They are interested in personal and cultural grievances, the pettier the better because the pettier they are the more his sociopathic and inhumane audience will connect with them.


What gets me is, after asking all those ridiculous, irrelevant questions, he very casually states, “These are all fair questions.” No, Tucker, they’re not. They’re really not. Here are some more relevant questions to illustrate why to hate Putin: “Did he blow up several apartment buildings in Russia, and then blame it on Chechnya, and use that as an excuse to start a war with Chechnya and install a tinpot dictator there? Has he had political opponents murdered? Did he try to interfere in US elections? Has he been behind several cyberattacks against other nations including Ukraine, Estonia, and the United States? Is he trying to recreate the glory days of the Soviet Union? Does he want to destroy democracy around the world, and especially in the United States?” The answer to all of these questions is yes.


He seems one segment away from saying, “I’m not Jewish, so why should I hate Hitler?!?”


I feel like this is an unfair insult to communism and Russia as a country. I dunno what sort of uniform could portray toady to authoritarian oligarch dictator like Putin tho. Ha.

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Well, that’s the mindset, after all.




First they came for the socialists …

It’s strange how the basic warnings against totalitarianism are so easily set aside; so many people are drawn to it like moths to a flame.


His lame, playground argument is tuned for his loyal viewers who can’t see the oozing cracks.


I guess I’m not following the RW crazy enough; I don’t even understand what these “questions” are getting at for the most part. I am still amused that for those such as Tuckems, being called racist is something worse than actually being racist. Lastly, what was shut down for two years? His people like to proclaim that they never did anything different all during Covid, but ALSO like to claim victimhood for “them” shutting down everything for two years? They cannot even pick a lane.

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