Conan O'Brien gripes about gifted Boston tee and gets the perfect one in return

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Somewhat unrelated, but at first I thought he was talking about the Sully’s right near my house which doesn’t sell tee-shirts. But man if you are ever north of Boston you should hit this place. They’re still open for take-out and their stuff is sublime.


Woahhh, back up. . .

Jim Rice dropped a fly ball?

Dude had a career fielding percentage of .980.

Yep. I remember because that was the day my dad knocked a hot dog out of my hands.

No, wait, he was probably passed out in his lazy-boy with his half finished six pack of bud at his side. My bad.

(note: my dad’s a good guy, but he loved his six pack and Red Sox games, it was a staple of my childhood).


Look closely at the “brand name” of that delta-shaped sign over left field

To be fair, it had a Quidditch inside of it

Did you mean a snitch?

yeah, thanks.

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