Concrete computer keyboard


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does the key click sound like a sledgehammer bashing on concrete? if not I am not interested


I once interfaced a teleprinter to an 8-bit computer. It sounded like a jackhammer. Would not do again.


I hate when ideas I’ve mused upon are done by other people before I can

At least now I don’t need to waste time doing it now


“just stick one of these on the device, problem solved” (every health and safety officer I know)


I didn’t think you needed rebar for something this small, especially if it’s held in a consistent temperature.


So not for use in Alaska, then.


Do you not abuse a keyboard yourself? Have you ever seen what keyboards are subjected to?





This looks like something you would find in an old East German government building.


Looks right at home on a Vogon constructor fleet ship.


He should have mixed in some vermiculite to make lightweight concrete.


Or some bacteria to make self-healing concrete.


Is this a real thing?


What problem does this solve?


Yep. I made some myself to fit around a wood stove’s chimney passing through a wall. Normally, you can’t use concrete or stone close/tight to the pipe, you must have a 4in air gap - as their insulating value is zero. For wood stoves’ clearance specifications, stone and concrete have a thickness of zero inches, no matter how thick.

With lightweight (insulating) concrete, you can make that pipe’s gap smaller (say 1in, depending on local building codes).

Some info here:


Casual keyboard theft.

Loss of keyboard due to strong winds.

Reduces subtle glancing at passwords taped under keyboard.

Secure disposal of confidential keyboards at sea.


I don’t know, but whatever the problem is, they’ve found a concrete solution.


But that sounds … awesome.


I like the last one best.