Confederate flag enthusiast loses attempt to stop the return of beachfront property to the black family from which it was wrongly taken

So weird the guy from “the party of limited government”, didn’t see anything wrong with government illegaly seizing the land of private citizens.


Ugh, and the POW/MIA flag to boot. I don’t get that flag. My HOA flies that flag at the entrance to the development. A couple of months ago, the board decides to temporarily replace it with the Ukrainian flag. OMG, the outrage that followed from half the residents. Apparently it was disrespectful to veterans. So now we have the US flag, the New Jersey flag, the POW/MIA flag, and the Ukrainian flag. Two more and we become an amusement park.


He’s not wrong in this case though. He could very well be the last person you call a racist. He could also be the first, or second. In fact, there are a lot of different times you could call him a racist.


Can not could so he’s still wrong, thanks.


If they could get away with flying a swastika, they’d do it in a heartbeat. Frankly, with Trump endorsing the Nazis after Charlottesville, it’s a miracle that more of them haven’t been growing their own toothbrush mustaches…


Don’t forget, having destroyed their own economy, what little manufacturing they had, and paupering themselves with their rebellion, the traitors then fled the South, moving to where there were jobs, farmland, and the opportunity to prosper that simply didn’t exist in the South post-war, taking their racism and traitorous beliefs with them. It took generations before anything like prosperity, even for the large landowners and formerly rich, was a realistic prospect. While not much talked about compared to “Carpetbaggers” and other Northern efforts to improve the South, or the POC diaspora to the Northern cities and manufacturing centers, the white Southern Diaspora has basically spread their corruption and mind-polluting racism far and wide, and is responsible for many of our political and social problems today.


IANAL, but I imagine this exact thing is why the judge will throw it out. You have to have standing to sue. You can’t sue because someone else is doing something to a third person and none of those people are you or affect you in any way. As a lawyer himself he knows this, so I assume he’s either a really bad lawyer, this is a publicity stunt, or both.

Also, for anyone who doesn’t know the area, it’s right on brand that this guy is in Palos Verdes. It’s a creepy stronghold on the southern edge of LA composed of private roads leading to HOA compounds, old money estates, and a Trump golf course. It’s a very conservative enclave in otherwise very blue Los Angeles.


Off topic, but then doesn’t this make those forced-birth bills like the one in TX illegal? Or at least, any cases filed under them would have to be dismissed?

But as to the main story, what an asshole. Spite + Too Much Time on Your Hands = Asshole Hobby of the Century.


I’m not too versed on all this, but I assume those are legal because they are laws created by a legislature which can be as batty as desired as long as they are constitutional. You don’t need “standing” to act according to a law that was passed. The rule of standing for suing exists, I think, to prevent this exact problem of people suing all over the place for no reason. Then again, if the argument is that everyone has standing for things the government does, maybe it’s okay. I don’t really know. I’m not a lawyer, politician, legal scholar, or even American, so I’m way out of my depth here. :sweat_smile:


But the reality is most of the folk who fly the loser flag have no connection at all with the Confederacy other than violent racism.


It should and is a reason to strike them down (as well as criminalizing one’s established right). But at this point I do not expect right wing judges in the Fifth Circuit and SCOTUS to follow the law these days.


Standing issues are typically how they shoot down Establishment Clause (separation of church and state) related lawsuits.


Yep. Not a single racist person existed in the north prior to civil war… /s

No no… it’s only white southerners that are really racist… /s


“The last person you can call a racist is me.”

Like fuck I can’t.
Racist, racist, racist!
What an evil, racist POS.


This is ahistorical. Waves of racist white immigrants are a thing (most modern racists are part of this group) for one thing and plenty of black diaspora encountered racism in the north from bonafide northeners (and still do).

Is any university teaching this or is this just another internet myth?


Right? When I read that I was like “I don’t need your permission, racist.”


Liberty university? Oh wait, no, they believe that racism is just fine… /s


At this point everyone has a masters in confirmation bias from GoogleU.


Colin Jost Shrug GIF by Saturday Night Live


I think one of the most dangerous manifestations of racism has come in the form of dishonest narratives driven by modern whites whose main motivation is redeeming themselves by differentiating themselves from “those bad whites” while maintaining denial about the realities of how racism is privileging them… Right now.

It’s a narrative for white people by white people and it gives power to the “white guilt” narratives pushed by modern hardline racists many of which have virtually no connection the the actual old south and who just like the victim narrative it offers them.

The story becomes about victim whites, evil whites, and hero whites. Everyone else just ends up cast as extras in their own cultural history.

Revisionist histories that privilege whites are revisionist histories that privilege whites.