Confederate flag enthusiast loses attempt to stop the return of beachfront property to the black family from which it was wrongly taken

“I can call you whatever I want, Mr.Ryan, or don’t you believe in freedom of speech you toxic, racist piece of shit with far to much time on your hands?”

And I know he didn’t really mean “you can’t call me that,” he meant to claim he wasn’t that, but someone with an extensive legal education should be able to use words better.


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The “southern sonderweg” narrative is just one of the most prominent of these, and it keeps being deployed here over and over. It’s depressing.


Both conceptual and practical art.


At the point of flying a confederate flag, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just say, yeah, I’m racist, as appose to being breathless about not being one. Some aren’t so ignorant about what the flag signifies, but they’d say “no way, not me man! I’m a good person”. Whereas their counterparts say it openly and don’t consider it a bad thing. A guess that’s called being racist curious.

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This way you don’t need to establish some kind of apologetics for racism or a moral position.

“I’m not racist, I just hurt black people for lulz and cash because I can :clown_face::money_mouth_face:


Yeah, no. That’s total bullshit.



Ryan noted that he also flies Union flags and said that he was simply trying to bring attention to the racial underpinnings of American history.

This part strikes me as interesting because most Confederate apologists I’ve read insist that race played no role whatever in either the Civil War or the founding and development of the USA. Sorry, pal, back to the reeducation camp.

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You can especially see this in the spate of movies that came out about 5 years ago-Green Book and Black Klansman come to mind but I saw trailers for a bunch of others-all designed to let white folks say “see, that was all in the past, and we are so over it now!”


In the same way Tucker Carlson is just asking questions,
this Joseph Ryan is just filing lawsuits.


I was in LA late last year, had a bit of extra time, so I swung over to see this area. There was no parking so I just drove around there. It’s a really nice place. Good that the local govt is doing the right thing, and good on the judge for their ruling.

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My mother will absolutely reject the idea that she’s a racist and then turn around five minutes later and make the most blatantly racist comments you’ve ever heard employing slurs from her youth and everything. Nothing you say will make her understand the implications of her actions but she knows racism is bad and she will not consider herself a bad person.

(I mean, I assume she still does this. I haven’t spoken to her in a few years and she was never really one for self reflection.)


Lots of words seem to work like that. For instance almost everyone agrees freedom is good and tyranny is bad. How those concepts relate to even something as dramatic as people’s bodies being regulated by a minority-selected government, though, changes a lot when you ask Republicans.


““I don’t really give a damn about the politics of liberal idiots who want to look at that flag and say, ‘Oh that’s racist,’” Ryan told the Daily Breeze. “The last person you can call a racist is me.””

“The more he spoke of his honesty the more closely we counted our change.”


You are, for all intents and purposes, correct, but a more accurate way of saying this is that the laws in question are what give the third parties in these cases standing. So, normally, you wouldn’t have standing to sue because the act in question doesn’t harm you or affect you in any way, but the legislature gave you standing through the statute.

Standing is something you have to have in all civil lawsuits. You cannot sue someone if you do not have standing. For example, if you run over my neighbors prize winning daffodils, I can’t sue you for that. Well, I can file a lawsuit because that’s easy in the US, but the case would be dismissed for lack of standing. Standing exists in cases where the person suing is the person who suffered harm, but standing can also be granted through statute.


Because the Confederate Battle flag isn’t getting it fully across?



If that’s what it takes to inject “amusement” into an HOA, then so be it.


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