Confused Donald Trump forgot where he was on campaign trail over the weekend (video)

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He didn’t forget. He never gave a shit to begin with.


No apology for the gaffe, of course, not even a self-deprecating one. A narcissist and grifter just barrels ahead, trusting that it will be immediately forgotten by the rubes who showed up.


Trump in private later: “Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sioux gives a shit?” Ok, he probably wasn’t that coherent or clever, but I bet he said “Who gives a shit?”


He probably pronounced it like “sea ox.”


Or spells it “sue”.


Not a big deal, he’s on the road so much of course he may forget where he’s at. Of course other performers who are in a new town every night do things like write it on their hand or a piece of paper taped to the floor or podium because they care.

The problem is if you and your supporters are going to hammer Biden for every little insignificant gaffe you darn well better be perfect.

Or stop nitpicking minor slip ups and debate the issues.

But he’s never been able to do that so his screw ups are fair game.


“People are saying that Sioux Falls would be a good name for Sioux City.”


Sioux Sioux Sioux. They don’t spell it the way you think. You know they spell it that way because of the Indians. Fight em off in waves. They had to. Had to. Waves of em. Proud people too. Brave. Had to fight em off in waves. But now… Now they have the name. They gave them the name. Sioux. The falls the mountain. Gave em everything but they still fought. But we were stronger. This is America. Land of the brave. You see we’re brave too. We climbed the mountain. They fought hard to put the flag on the mountain. Lotta people tell me they don’t spell it like we do… Sue…

(I’m told this is how good speakers speak)


“Sioux City used to be called Sioux Falls; but the name was changed by the Communist Gerrymandering Democrats. I’m determined to make Sioux Falls a city again!”


Was just about to write the same thing. I hate seeing these minor nitpick articles. Hate the guy, but forgetting what city you’re in when you’re a billionaire* with a private jet flying all over the country constantly isn’t surprising. We already know he doesn’t know Kansas City from Kansas.

You want to post any of the hundreds of videos of him ranting incoherently as evidence of cognitive decline, go for it. But sharing simple mishaps, no different than Biden falling off a bike or whatever, is petty and unnecessary, which undermines legitimate issues. It’s not as if there’s any shortage of him saying truly abhorrent and/or head scratching things.

The right posts pictures of Biden falling because framing him as old is all they’ve got. Trump has been out of his goddamn mind for years, what is making a slip up with a city name supposed to highlight after all the insane shit he’s said?


Dogs GIF


…and can read.


2023: You’re in Sioux City, Mr. President.

2025: You’re in Cell Block H, ‘mR pResIdEnt.’


Yet he remains the gQp forerunner and continues to raise millions of dollars.


Meh. I’ll give him a pass on that.
Frequent travel to many locations can be disorienting for anyone, to the point where it’s a common joke at concerts.

100% agree wityh Jesse13927 though… he didn’t care. Doesn’t care. It’s where someone ELSE lives, so why bother.

ETA another famous touring Sioux

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This is why Tim Skold will put the city name on his guitar when playing live. At least some of the time. Makes it easier to remember where you are!



Posit: if DJT actually knew Siouxsie and the Banshees he wouldn’t be the unmitigated human catastrophe he is.
(Paul Ryan’s love for Rage against the machine notwithstanding.)


I’m more bugged by the fact that people are still calling him “Mr. President”.

Is it actually a common courtesy to call former presidents by their erstwhile title? Or is it just something Trump insists on, and his flunkies go along with it because they don’t want to get caught in the ketchup splatter if they forget.

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