Confused Fox pundit thinks backyard barbecue gossip qualifies as proof of Biden's drug use

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Bigfoot had an extra syringe.


Adrenochrome from children, of course! /s


Pakman is a pretty good presenter/debater.

He could use a dose of the same drugs he imagines Biden is on.

He can’t prove that he didn’t take such a dose, so by his argument (it would be inaccurate to call it “logic”) he did dose himself up before his show!


Their premise is that people who take large amounts of stimulants are effective at well-paved, effective public speaking? That’s not how coffee/meth/cocaine typically works. Or tranquilizers.


Wasn’t there a lawyer a year or so ago who was high on cocaine in court? And then in his disciplinary hearing he demonstrated convincingly that he didnt QUITE have insight into his problem yet, by saying “yes I know it impaired my ability to represent my client and its bad… BUT”

Yep! Here is the article

BTW can confirm that there is no substance that can induce a sudden and dramatic, short lived reversal of dementia symptoms that would allow one to function well on stage, unless the diagnosis was wrong to begin with. Cognitive enhancing medications like cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine in dementia are not without value, but their effects are generally modest at best. Stimulants provide limited benefit to very specific cognitive domains, and their use is generally contraindicated by their negative side effects.


Nah, these people know exactly what they’re doing. Repeat a lie often enough, and a lot of people will believe it, even if there is zero evidence for the lie. Fox News does this all the time. Trump does this all the time. It’s frustrating because I don’t know how to counter that. Logical counter arguments like Pakman is using here don’t seem to do much good.


Yeah, I don’t know why anyone in the reality-based community bothers appears on Faux; especially on this show, which during the week or weekend seems particularly designed to appeal to idiots.


He’s Schrodinger’s tyrant: either an evil mastermind destroying America from the inside, or a dementia addled fool that doesn’t know what day of the week it is - depends on the lie they are spinning that day.

Or this new Popeye like character where he appears weak and feeble until he takes some sort of special “spinach” and then he’s full of vim and vigor.


My dad passed from dementia: if there were a drug that would have reversed his decline, legal or not, we would have gladly had him take it. More blow Dad? Need a bump?

He did take a med that helped, however it was pretty subtle, sporadic, but boy howdy when he forgot to take it along on a multi-day cruise with my mom the wheels came off that bus right quick and bigly big time.

Biden may be old, kinda a fossil (his crime bill was sh!t imho) and not my favorite choice, but he has done wonders in less than a term, admittedly with some mis-steps and outright screw ups. But imagine the kind of Chaos and Mayhem a TrumpII coronation would be. He would never leave the office.

Imagine a cheaply made shitty fake gold sneaker stamping on a face.


i wanna new drug !
shud up and take my money !
is it as easy to synthesize as adrenochrome ?
( i can make it in my own brain on a roller coaster , or , while listening to npr
or Adrenochrome has been commercially prepared by oxidizing adrenaline or its salts with potassium ferricyanide in an aqueous medium. )
are the college kids in my hood growing it under their bed ?
can i score some behind the quickie mart ?
can i have hash browns and toast with that ? ( my brain on drugs )


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