Confusing, stomach turning headline via the Daily Mail




I'm sure this is not intended to be as creepy as it sounds... even after it is explained...


I am sure the people engaged do not think it is creepy at all! That not withstanding... bLAaaaaaaaargh?


The Daily Mail? Well, there's your problem.

If we start adding crazy stuff from The Daily Mail to BoingBoing, pretty soon there's not going to be room for anything else. Please. Stop.


It is weird, pervert, fucked-up shit. Seriously.


Oh, come on. It's a natural idea.

It has a certain flow to it, like "sistercousinwife".





The great thing about rubbish like this is that eventually, the heaving swirling mass of religgious nonsense giving all these people nauseous stomachs will eventually vomit out and leave the lot of them standing wondering what the hell it was all about.


Do not click the article. It'll only encourage them.

The Daily Mail are very very good at writing stuff that you want to click through to, mainly so you can shake your head in disbelief...


Unfortunately for us, 'Purity Balls' are, in fact, a thing (mostly in the same parts of Real America that have high rates of teen pregnancy and questionable 'empiricism' capabilities); but I'm not entirely sure what caused the venomous toads at the Daily Mail to suddenly decide to write about them.


It's the Daily Mail. Confusing, stomach turning headlines are what they do. They invented the concept of clickbait before the internet existed.


Am I the only one who at first imagined shining, pearlescent orbs that daughters would give their fathers to lock in a safe or something? The truth is both weirder and more disturbing.


Makes you wonder what these people actually have against islamic fundamentalists. You´d think they´d get along rather nicely.


To be fair, it's just barely a thing. It was briefly popular in the... 90's, I think. Never really caught on among people who can read.


I suspect in many cases it's because they care more about names than substance.


They aren't white enough. They should be more like that nice Austrian-German chap that Daily Mail founder Lord Rothermere used to hang around with in the 30s.


To be fair to the Daily Mail (not something I say often) if their headline makes it sound confusing and stomach-turning that's because it is.
As some of the Mail's commentators ask, is a boy child ever asked to vow purity to his mother and regard her as his girlfriend? Or would that be too icky even for these people?


I thought a Purity Ball was something you put in with your dirty laundry to clean it...


"One of the largest father-faughter purity balls - which is the subject of a Nightline Prime investigation - has been held for 14 consecutive years in Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.
The event sees upwards of 60 fathers pledging to ‘protect their daughter’s choices for purity'.

One of the largest has been going on since 2000 and gets "upwards" of 60.



See, it's not abstinence only

there are also dances. And patriarchy!