Congressman Dan Crenshaw got heckled after snapping at a girl


Anyone who isn’t a goon could have clarified that they misspoke. That the “real characters too” comment was directed only at Superman in contrast, though they could see why someone would be confused. An ounce of humility goes a long way, especially since everyone misspeaks on occasion.


Here is what she said before quoting him:

“I’ve seen you claim to be a Christian,” the girl said at the meeting. “You’ve talked about God, but when you claim Jesus to be a hero archetype, you not only lied about Jesus not being real, but you lied about being a Christian.”


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The fully grown congressman continued to spar with the child, who stood her ground, until the crowd finally went into default mode, shouting, “Let’s go Brandon!”

That’s what I found creepy about the video. Even when heckling one of their own they can’t get rid of this compulsion to “own the libs”. It shows that this is a deeper divide than a political one. It’s cultural.


I know right? It is just like high school: “Biden ate my homework”.


All Crenshaw had to do was back up one inch and say “Oops!” Because obviously he didnt intend to say Jesus was fictional (Crenshaw is as Christo-Fascist as they come), even though in context thats what he was saying. All he had to say was that: “I misspoke.” But theyre so used to Trump that they know they dont have to apologize for anything, at any time, any where. They just keep going. You must have heard him wrong if you thought he was comparing Jesus to Superman. Thats on you, little girl, whom I will now proceed to bully.




Just one more example of how Trumpism, and its taking over Evangelical Christianity, is infantilizing its Cult Members, like Crenshaw.


It’s hilarious to me because this is such a good quote to reinterpret. She really left that door open but Danny boy decided to get all flustered and attack the kid. Like here’s how he could’ve answered, “They’re all hero archetypes for the values that they represent. [A sentence for listing the values he thinks or wanted them to share]. And that’s why I see them as all similar and admirable people, real and imagined, to look up to…” Seriously, is this as soft ball of a question/quote as you can get.

This makes it even easier to answer in my opinion even if you try to style yourself as a biblical literalist. You can still emphasize the importance of allegory and how Jesus taught/spoke in such a manner. And still it just baffles me how Crenshaw is this weak of a person to tackle such a question. I get the feeling he’s never had anyone stand up to him other than maybe his parents.


After he defended his position on Jesus as the Son of God, it would have been amusing if she had asked him if he thought Superman were a real person too.


Wow. The GQP are really getting DARVO into “elevator pitch” format.
I guess they’ve had a lot of practice.


Every Sunday school teacher knows how to handle a question like this:

"That’s a very good question, and I can see how it is confusing. Let me clarify, Jesus is a real person whose impact was so great that his story has inspired countless people to create fiction to spread his message, and in that way his life has inspired the art and culture of the entire world. In fact even the story of Superman is inspired by the real life of Jesus. Now children, let’s all take a moment to appreciate Christ’s wisdom. "

He’s not even qualified or capable of teaching the faith he says he loves so much.


He loves the Christofascist bastardization of Christianity that he and his fellow travelers have created in their own image. Jesus was a brown-skinned, homeless itinerant rabbi who preached communism and cleared the Temple grounds of capitalist scum. Not so much like what these asshats worship at all.


Remember folks: There is no such thing as a Christian Republican. It is an oxymoron.


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I mean I guess. Let’s not forget what the event is, what the other people at the event are saying, and why the girl is likely there.


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