Congressperson Dana Rohrabacher calls cops on citizen for asking questions

Free Drinks? Roger That!


That’s not how the 1st amendment works. There’s no clause that says, “…unless the citizen gets to be annoying, in which case the constabulary may be called to her home.”

So you’re ruling in that she made threats? That seems backwards. If she made threats and that was left out of the reporting, you would be right to call it into question, but criticizing the reporting for not explicitly mentioning that no threats were made? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Hey, does Voorhees sound like an American name to you?

When we have the blue cities mongering fear of the red rurals and vice versa, there seems to be no hope of moderation and working to actually get things done.

Add that to personal attacks happen so often in politics that it creates plausible deniability for everyone.

Wonder what’s on TV tonight?

Except “red” in this article’s definition stands for a Soviet-era KGB-minded Russian government that is bent on dismantling US politics and future diplomacy, instead of working towards peaceful understanding between nations.

But yeah, enjoy your TV show.

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