Construction workers play prank on colleague

Sadistic, dangerous, bullying stupidity. Unfortunately still routine in far too many male-dominated workplaces.


Where I’ve worked, if you didn’t have steel toe boots on, you were free game for getting your foot stomped.


And, of course, use him as entertainment as he falls for prank after prank, never seeming to learn.

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Everyone involved, including the “victim” had a belly laugh. Not everything is a trauma.


A friend broke his foot in multiple places in a similar manner one drunken night. A traffic cone was in the middle of a sidewalk, he lined up to ‘kick a field goal’ but unfortunately the cone was there to cover up a pole that had broken off in the concrete. He literally crawled into a cab that took him straight to the hospital.

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It’s a variant of the classic drunkard’s trap: get a football, fill it with concrete, leave it on the footpath near a pub.


Sorry, repost, but the Japanese are MUCH better at pranks.


I don’t think that’s copper.

The real prank happens later, when they pressure test the plumbing and the dented stub connection leaks.

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Worst possible strategy when dealing with bear. You fleeing would trigger a prey response and if that was a real bear it could beat you in a dead run. Back away slowly so long as it isn’t making any aggressive noises/motions. Don’t look away from it until you’ve managed a bit of distance.

That said that’s a hilarious prank. Would’ve been even funnier if the guy immediately whipped out a can of bear mace and hosed the guy.

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What if it’s just distracting you while you back blindly into its buddy waiting behind you? TEAMWORK!

Edit: that’s a lot of “b” words. I should have added a few more.

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