Construction workers play prank on colleague


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Ha ha you broke your toe…


The sentence “Construction workers play prank on colleague…” never ends well.


I’m guessing that the fact he gets up and laughs rather than hops around screaming and cursing means he’s wearing steel-toed safety boots.


Its probably a guarantee he is wearing steel toed boots since its a construction job…but really, not a good idea regardless. That is unless workman’s comp is your ultimate goal.


Golly. Sure didn’t see that one coming!


Drillers will throw sledgehammers or possibly wrenches at your feet if you tell them you’re wearing steel toes. If you never mention it, you’ll have nothing thrown at you. I think it’s a guild thing.


Good gravy people.


Definitely he is wearing steeled toed boots. I don’t know if playing this prank is an OSHA infraction or not, though shenanigans like this aren’t entirely out of character for a construction job. Also clever prank i thought it was funny.



Still not the worst on the job practical joke I have seen online


Lemme guess. . . new guy.


The third guy clearly looks smaller than the other two kickers.

Now I get it.


Many companies – especially ones involved in any sort of construction – set safety goals (ex: lowering quarterly safety related incidents AND near misses). Incidents and near misses related to pranks are considered unusually egregious since they are obviously avoidable, and pranksters (those who enjoy having fun at others’ expense) by definition play more than just one prank, and therefore these pranksters will likely be spoken to.


"hello, OSHA?

I’d like to report a crime."



Bad move. Prey runs, and bears are faster than you :wink:


As do people in bear suits who walk upright.


Why are you tying your shoes? You can’t run faster than a bear.
No. But I only need to run faster than you.


Obviously you never had a apprentice to train. It is our job to train them in all things, not the least of which is, keep your focus, and think for yourself. a journeymen/apprentice bond is like a Zen master/student relationship. Your job is not to just teach him the trade, but show them how the world works.