Contactless door opener and stylus


That would be really easy to add actually, on the opposite end of the device from where the finger comes out for exactly that reason


Isn’t it easier to just carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you?
And didn’t the CDC recently say there was less concern about catching it from touching something vs. getting it via airborne droplets?
Perhaps tools like these work, but they just seem to me to give a false sense of security as apposed simple good personal sanitary practices.


I found cocktail wieners to be the perfect size and disposable, five of them fit conveniently in a nitrile glove.


Trump prefers to call it the “Kung hook”.

Ah, I see you live in an area where NFC cards/Google Pay/Apple Pay are not common. I keep forgetting about how up to a couple of years ago were all used to entering the PIN number.

Your comment about the hand sanitiser reminds me of seeing people with little bottles of sanitiser, but no masks. It just reminds me of how slapdash and spotty most people think of infection, as some mix of getting cooties and magic curses. All you need to do is perform the right rituals.


One assumption might be if the metal being used is softer than the glass it won’t scratch it. But those are things i don’t know enough about to say one way or another.

I am aware of NFC Google and Apple pay but yes such methods are not widely supported in the area I live despite there being no end to the wealthy people in this area.

I do not trust giving Google or Apple my information to pay for everything as well. It’s bad enough I trust PayPal but I only use it when I have to.

I don’t really carry hand sanitizer on me because it’s very hard to find still, and there are still people around here who refuse to wear masks even in grocery stores and I am told by the grocery store management they cannot do anything against these people which is bullshit


Here in Germany (Bavaria, to be precise) supermarkets had to get “bouncers” to make sure each shopper had a cart, wore a mask and so on before entering. No carts left? That means capacity is reached. There with your spouse? You both need a cart, because that’s how capacity is maintained. If you don’t like it, well, tough. The supermarket isn’t going to risk a hefty fine because you feel inconvenienced.

Which is a far, far cry from what my parents tell me is going on in Texas.


Is it velociraptor compatible?

Dude, in Texas the wife would pull a Glock 9mm out of her purse and threaten you with it if you told her that :roll_eyes::laughing: (Texan here, so not just speculating)

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And people wonder why the EU is planning on forcing a quarantine on anyone who comes from the USA (or even visited it via a third country, so no sneaking in around other routes).

Or why I prefer being an expatriate.


Yes that’s because your country is full of sane people.

Can you tell me how I can move there?

I am tired of being left awash in a sea of idiots please god save me from my idiot countrymen


brassy is a euphemism for: it’s plated to look like brass but in a few months that wears off and it will look like the aluminum it’s made of.


Please don’t let this concept end here. It deserves an Onion article, a sketch show, a netflix series, something!


Um… Wow. I want one o.o’ .

Paging Dr. Leo Marvin

Wow! That’s WAY cheaper than the one in the Boing Boing Store!

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If you have one of these, any self respecting cop will arrest you for having a burglary tool.

(Name checks out.)

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You magnificent bastard.