The CleanKey cuts your exposure to infected surfaces by opening doors and pressing buttons for you

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I seen this a few times on everyday carry blogs lately.

(I was looking for keychain tools lately and i’m getting annoyed at how much handgun and knife stuff they have to include on those blogs ha)

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How about a stick? Will a stick work? It costs less than $20, and you don’t have to put it back in your pocket. Throw it away and get another stick. Plus they are – by design – biodegradable.

So we are here to capitali… ahem… “help eliminate” that fear.

That said, let’s remind you toward the end just how fucked you are without our doohicky.


I imagine this handles doorknobs as gracefully as an OG Dalek does stairs.




On a side note.

My work place has put arm opening posts on a lot of our outside doors and props on the inside doors. I can pretty much walk through the factory without touching anything.


Accommodations do seem more sensible than issuing keychain-based prostheses to everyone. Add a bottle opener, carbon fiber grip, and call it “tactical” and this Goldfinger will leap off the shelves.


Who would use such a thing?
Indoors I have my Butler open things, outdoors my Personal Assistant handles these items.
Use Common Sense people!


Let me see…

Coronavirus lives for about 24 hours on soft surfaces; and for about 12 days on hard, metal surfaces.

So… keeping a hard, metal surface in my pocket which I have used to manipulate quite likely contaminated surfaces seems to be an absolute winner!!!

Seriously. Gloves. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Learn how to take off contaminated gloves without touching them. Wash your hands. Wash them again.

(I mean, I know that these are a third party ads. But with these and all the CBD gummy stuff; doesn’t the BoingBoing Legal staff ever get concerned about being sued? I mean, what if someone dies of this and they test the key and yep, it has Corona virus all over it and the family hires an attack lawyer? What if someone gets arrested for having CBD gummies in one of the many, many locations where they are illegal and they rat you out as their dealer, and criminal and civil charges get filed? I’m not a lawyer, but that seems to be a lot of legal liability…)


Wrap it in tin foil to make it capacitive and Bob’s your uncle!

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The study shows that the virus can still be found at surfaces after days, but at a much smaller concentration, so that it’s questionable whether it can be moved to another surface by touching or is still able to infect.

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That’s when you buy the KickBoot made of Antimicrobial Brass for $149.99 (a $5 savings off the regular price.)


Thank you for talking common sense to me. Boing Boing readers are the best.

That’s why it needs a sharp edge. So you can threaten others with bodily injury if they don’t open the door for you.

How about a modified version of one of these? The original is for opening jars. I didn’t like the original, so I made a CAD version of my own. It can totally be modified for doorknobs in a few minutes.


Antimicrobial copper alloys are great. Copper alloy (solid or coating) doorknobs and railings should be standard features at hospitals, schools, and many other public places. Silver works too, but might blow the budget.


Yes: THIS!

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I was thinking that you would touch the freshly contaminated door with your key, and that the key would hold the live virus for days, during which if you touched it while your hands are “clean”, you could infect yourself by touching your face…

But, upon further learning… I knew Copper had anti-microbial properties that was effective against bacteria, but I didn’t know that it worked against viruses as well. Turns out that Copper will clean itself of Covid-19 specifically in about 4 hours, which isn’t bad at all!

Thank you for leading me to educate myself. :slight_smile:


Another fun fact: stainless steel can keep bacteria and viruses alive longer than on copper.

Copper door knobs and handles used to be commonplace in homes and businesses but people started to use steel because it looked “cleaner” than the tarnished copper knobs. Even though the most tarnished copper knobs do an amazing job of keeping themselves clean from all sorts of gross stuff. Well I guess this kind of reasoning is going to be thrown away over the next year.


press buttons, open doors and pull levels

How does one pull a level?

Maybe the BB Shop robots should go on one of those writing/proofreading courses I’ve no doubt they’ve written copy for in the past.

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