Contactless door opener and stylus

Paging Dr. Leo Marvin

Wow! That’s WAY cheaper than the one in the Boing Boing Store!

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If you have one of these, any self respecting cop will arrest you for having a burglary tool.

(Name checks out.)

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You magnificent bastard.


Well, if a cop doesn’t like you, anything will be called a burglary tool, a weapon or drugs, or some of the same will be found for you, especially if you are a minority. :-/

(Heck, a mask and disposable gloves could be called burglar tools…)

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(You’d be representing a substantial change to the design, which carries weight in the USPTO. I can give you people to talk to about this if you’d like.)


I have a wee hole, too!

I’m white and middle aged, does that help?

(Of course it does, I drove around with bolt cutters in the back seat of my car for a year, and nobody said word 1)

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Seen today at the pharmacy counter; did not see the price, though.


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