Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 3)

Because the UK is in the middle of an awful delta surge. Cases : hospitalisations : deaths is much better in the UK than in the USA, and the latter are only as high as they are because the first figure is freaking huge.

From the JHU tracker- here’s the weekly cases and deaths from the UK

and from the USA:


The UK has been terrible at controlling the flow of people into the UK, not really enforcing quarantines at all. This let many cases of the Delta variant in, at almost exactly the same time as the European Football championships. That caused a huge wave, now we’re getting another as all restrictions are removed and kids go back to school. Still, the hospitalisations and deaths are manageable, because the UK’s vaccination programme did a great job of getting old people vaccinated, but did less well for younger people, who are now acting as the reservoir of infections and causing breakthrough cases in their contacts.


Yeah. I just feel that overall comparing to the US or the UK isn’t great without a third country. Like we can go compare ourselves to the UK or US and it covers up the fuckups for those whose policy wasn’t good.

Anyway it’s always so temporary. Greece swerved the first wave entirely. It’s easy to think you are doing great but it’s an ultramarathon not a sprint. Most places have cocked up at least once.

Anytime you think you’re doing great it’s waiting for you. Like we are more vaccinated than the UK but it’s mostly Pfizer BioNTech which is supposed to be less effective for Delta so who knows? Next year we could be in shit.

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Ain’t that the truth. Over the last week India is down to just 2 deaths per million, way better than most of Europe. Not many folks would have predicted that a couple months ago.


my guess would be for some people it’s just a job. you go through the day doing the things you were trained to do, but it doesn’t change your mind about anything else.

also, there’s different kind of nurses: rns require a multi-year degree ( maybe even a bachelors? ) but a certified nurse assistant ( id imagine still generally called a nurse ) only takes a couple of months at a trade school.

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I can even see something positive about this:

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And totally forget all their previous accusations that the left is responsible for politicizing the pandemic… :roll_eyes:


I am high risk and I’m sure I could get someone to take the cat to the vet but that’s not the point plus I wouldn’t ask a freind or family member to put themselves in a situation I’m not willing to put myself into.

The point is, it’s a medical office, I or other people would be in a small room with me and my cat and they won’t wear a mask. That’s wrong, in my opinion, for a few reasons. First, they have no idea where I’ve been or if I’ve been vaccinated, they are putting themselves and their employees at risk. And B if they don’t care enough about me and taking simple precautions to keep us all safe how can trust that they are going to treat my pet in a safe manner or even recognize science.

Would I be safe if I wore my N95 with a surgical mask on top? Probably but like I said, that’s not the point.


I went into the office today to pick up a prescription, I wore my N95 with a surgical mask on top. It’s how I roll.

The interesting thing to me was the person taking care of me, at one point, licked her fingers to sort through some papers then continued using a common computer keyboard that other people used.

Is that the way covid infects? Doesn’t seem to be but I’ve said all along if people can’t practice basic hygiene we have no hope.

I did call another local vet, over a month for an appoint. I asked about masks, they said nope. I asked if the people in the room with me would wear one if I requested it. The answer was, probablly but it’s up to that person and the question has never been asked.

Seems to me they should be asking me the question, what would I be comfortable with.

We went to see our financial adviser a few weeks ago, masks required in their building but once in a private office they asked me if I wanted them to continue wearing a mask or if I wanted to remove mine. They were polite, professional and respected my wishes as it should be. Not that complicated.


I am starting to wonder if Americans had all forgotten about “civic duty” and instead is all about the “rights”, when you can’t have one without the other.

In the age where you don’t give a **** about jury duty (and people used every trick to get out of it) what were the OTHER civic duty we shirked?

When did Americans turned into selfish Karens and Chads that feel ENTITLED to the rights, and complained or outright refused civic duties, such as protecting the public at large?


Yay, my daughter and husband rescue bunnies and pointed me to thier vet. They’re a month out but got me in in less than 2 weeks and their staff is all wearing masks.

They’re very pricey and a little farther away but it’s worth it if they show a little caring.


Hm. Vaccination stations on lonely country roads, disguised as alien butt-probing?



Start a rumor on gab that fluoride prevents Covid.


madam secretary elizabeth GIF by CBS


Turns out that she ended up being the covidiot of the day


I think this only applies to younger people:


Clearly, Nicki Minaj is suffering some sort of time warp. Her cousin got the vaccine, then got kicked in the balls causing the swelling, by the bride-to-be, who then called off the wedding. She just got the sequence mixed up.


“ However, Enyart might be best remembered for his cruelty.

As Denver’s Westword noted: “He would gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen”