Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 3)

(excerpt) “One of the last things [Covid-19 patients] do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine,” [Dr. Brytney Cobia] wrote. “I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.” "In her post, Cobia wrote that when a patient dies, she hugs their family members and urges them to get vaccinated. She said they cry and tell her they thought the pandemic was a “hoax,” or “political,” or targeting some other age group or skin color."


Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out


Someone should point out to him that if we wants them to be able to breathe, they need to stay alive first.


(Warning: Satire)


I have a sneaking suspicion this will be a continually evolving situation, like the virus itself.

I have not seen data (likely because it is too recent to have any) but I will not be surprised to hear that the new variants are becoming more vaccine-resistant in a stepwise fashion, rather than a huge genetic shift. Watching an utterly predictable train wreck occur and not being able to stop it…
Wait until schools open in the fall.


Basically everywhere.

Influenza wasn’t gone in the human population. Presymptomatic transmission occurs. (I bet alao asymptomatic transmission occurs, but I didn. Has birds, carnivores, ungulates and other animals as natural reservoirs. Is a bugger for mutations, and that domestic animals can get infected is a cornucopia of those.

So, in all, it does not go into hiding. It lives among us. And since we travel everywhere, and at any given time there will be a region where there is ‘flu season’, it came back.

Have a look here. Check the section on animals.

Just FTR: if you can get a flu vaccination this year, get it. I heard virologists expecting a strong comeback. See also: RSV. New Zealand situation linked somewhere above, I think.


Sitting at home right now with a miserable flu-like virus. COVID test came back negative at least. Last night I was a total zombie.

I’ll be first in line for a flu vaccine.


I :heart: Alexandra Petri


Well, well, well, look who’s backtracking now.

Does this mean Dr Fiscus, fired previously for outreach efforts, will get her job back?


Just finishing the day here at the office. Today’s patient load included 2 teenagers with post covid complications that may be anywhere from annoying to life changing. One has altered smell and taste to the point that “all food tastes like body odor.” Already has lost 7 pounds and not happy about it. The other with significant exercise intolerance, feeling “like an elephant is sitting on my chest” with even slight exertion. No, kids don’t die. But there is a very real price to getting this bug and just not ending up in the ICU does not mean you have escaped unscathed. Get vaccinated, convince others to get vaccinated, protect yourselves and avoid stupid. That is all.


Business Insider is posting a bunch of these for some reason.


Sadly it is probably because there are a bunch of them.

(and for the clicks, of course)


Yet another reason to avoid getting that shit at all costs; it may not be fatal, but that sounds fucking awful, especially if it turns out to be permanent.


Valid and desperate attempt to protect kids. The vaccines have been deemed safe enough for mass clinical trials. So the risk to kids is probably not any more than adults. Especially considering the developmental variance among the study groups. These parents are out of options unless they are fortunate enough to be able to homeschool for six months to a year.

Are you asking bc you are trying to make a decison? At 4 months shy of 12, I’m sure she has gotten to the point where she understands that lies are sometimes necessary. Unless you’ve decided no vaccine until FDA approval, sit her down (and co-parents too if there are any) and explore the ethical and practical issues together. Like how she couldn’t tell anyone, would still need to mask, and it would mean a pretty big lie. Make lists. Explain a no from any of you means no vaccine yet. Decide if you all agree this is a necessary lie situation.
Though before that, contact her pediatrician and ask “if the vaccine was approved for under 12 kids tomorrow, would you think it safe for my daughter to get it?”
If it was my girl and she was so close to twelve, we’d probably do it.


I’m so damn thankful this happened when my kid was firmly into her teens, and that we live in a state where the governor isn’t a complete moron.

Do what you need to protect you and yours.

Fingers crossed for you and everyone else here…


I’ve experienced it because of my nasal polyps. Believe me, it is.