Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 4)

Even a mild case is yuck. When we had it, my spouse and I were complaining to each other about how rough a mild case is and how grateful we were to be vaccinated.
Get as much sleep as you can!
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I am glad to know you got well. This disease is very serious. When I took the test, the doctor commented that most recent cases of hospitalization for covid were people who didn’t get the vaccine or booster doses.

I’ve been trying to sleep. The way is to rest and let the body react.


Your cat is so cute!


Oh, that kitty isn’t mine. Just an internet gif I like because it looks like her
This is her

I will never pass up an opportunity for cat pics


The wife and I are not hiding under the bed but we are staying away from indoor gatherings, wearing masks in public places like stores, and just being careful because I do have heart disease coming out my rear end.

Yesterday I got some advice from an aquantence, apparently they’ve had it 5 times and their parents have had it twice.

The advice? It’s just a cold we should quit hiding.

My doctor is still cautioning me to not get it and there are those million people that have died from a “cold”.

Why do people feel the need to give medical advice to people who never asked for it.


i have a bridge that i need to find a buyer for. any chance i could get their number from you?

people having it three times has definitely happened, but it’s fairly rare.

eta: it’s not one boxing, but it sounds like true reinfection more than a couple times - rather than just not recovering in the first place - is anecdotal.


It’s not often I pull out the “Doctor Clift” line…

:thinking: (…and not when my daughter’s there to say “you’re not that kind of doctor, Dad”…) :roll_eyes:


My boss would be one. Three times in 12 months. The first time was a doozy and he required hospitalization. He’s not vaxxed and refuses to wear a mask. :roll_eyes:

Thank dog we’re still WFH.

Our neighbor said that one extended family member in Wisconsin has had if five times. I wonder about that one. I thought you have to wait 90 days after a positive test before testing again?


yeah. in the guardian article that’s how they say the uk does it, and it’s probably similar in the us.

i imagine the number of detectible virus cells are some sort of curve, and people’s symptoms some other sort of curve; especially with long covid being a thing. so it’s probably a way to try to measure “this is a different infection” without using dna sequencing

then there’s the separate question of whether to believe someone who refuses to get vaccinated because “reasons”

“i got it five times and im fine” is well beyond show me the receipts territory


The vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Janssen, which at first was a single-dose immunizer, had its form of application reviewed by Brazilian authorities. Now everyone who took a dose of this vaccine will need to take new booster doses.


I thought this slideshow that the FDA Advisory Committee had at their presentation was interesting:


It was determined today that we are too short staffed to give the young kid vaccine here, and will defer to the local health dept to do it. I am disgusted, but also understand we are barely able to staff our providers at this point. And the infrastructure continues to crumble.


The CBC is at least out to get us to think about what is coming at us.

By now we probably (and, by fall, will definitely) all know people who were crash test dummies for the idea that “the pandemic is over”.


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Global impact of the first year of COVID-19 vaccination: a mathematical modelling study

Based on official reported COVID-19 deaths, we estimated that vaccinations prevented 14·4 million (95% credible interval [Crl] 13·7–15·9) deaths from COVID-19 in 185 countries and territories between Dec 8, 2020, and Dec 8, 2021. This estimate rose to 19·8 million (95% Crl 19·1–20·4) deaths from COVID-19 averted when we used excess deaths as an estimate of the true extent of the pandemic, representing a global reduction of 63% in total deaths (19·8 million of 31·4 million) during the first year of COVID-19 vaccination. In COVAX Advance Market Commitment countries, we estimated that 41% of excess mortality (7·4 million [95% Crl 6·8–7·7] of 17·9 million deaths) was averted. In low-income countries, we estimated that an additional 45% (95% CrI 42–49) of deaths could have been averted had the 20% vaccination coverage target set by COVAX been met by each country, and that an additional 111% (105–118) of deaths could have been averted had the 40% target set by WHO been met by each country by the end of 2021.


Scott Atlas. With all that has been going on, I had almost forgotten this asshole. The fact that this guy, whose aggressive ignorance resulted in the utterly bungled covid response in this country and over a million dead Americans, can be forgotten speaks to how incredibly horrible Il Douche’s tenure truly was.


Still - he was right about the Trump White House needing more and more virulent infections.


Yeah, but many republicans will STILL vote for trump, because… fake news?


They were shopping for the “expert” with the right opinion. He’s a douche, but what really submarined the US COVID response was 45’s obsession with undoing everything Obama. If he had kept the pandemic response team and followed the playbook, the whole world’s response would have been more effective. Perhaps radically so.

What’s so scary is that, if 45 had done so, he would have been hailed as a hero and probably been re-elected. For cribbing his predecessors notes.


I keep saying this! If he’d done nothing but keep his mouth shut, so much could have been avoided. He managed to make wearing a mask a political thing, FFS.