Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 4)


TIL that following a “sea guru” to escape COVID & start all over again where COVID doesn’t exist may not be the best decision. Who knew?


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We haven’t been to Florida since some very good friends of ours that we would visit passed away.

We used to take the RV down there and really enjoyed it.

My wife keeps asking if I think we’ll ever go back.

Hard to imagine with this guy still running things.


Not paywalled, depressing AF:


Haven’t said WDKS recently, but WDKS. This bastard has a ridiculous bag of tricks. And is evolving new ones as we watch. Damn…


So it’s basically COPD in viral form.


The Government of Japan is preparing to reclassify COVID-19 under the Infectious Disease Law from this spring. Where COVID-19 has been classified as a Class II Infectious Disease until now, from this spring, it will be considered a Class V Infectious Disease. (For reference, Ebola is Class I and Influenza is Class V.)

What this means is that the government will no longer be footing the entire bill for treatment of COVID-19, which will instead be covered under Japan’s insurance scheme. Under this scheme, patients pay between 0% and 30% of actual treatment costs, depending on age and income levels. There are monthly caps on how much patients have to pay out of pocket, so it is not a “sky’s the limit” situation, but the rub is that people will have to start paying for treatment.

I have to say that I am disappointed in this step, especially since it comes just a month after the government announced new taxes to pay for an increase in military spending.


It’s almost as if we’re replaying the early 20th century backwards: this time we had a viral pandemic first, then a land war in Europe started in a corner nobody was paying attention to, then we start gearing up for a big war…


And now this.

Prosecutors noted that for minors, the group would administer shots of saline at the parents’ request so that the children would believe they were being vaccinated against COVID-19. This was confirmed to one of the undercover agents, who asked about bringing in his children, to which Flores responded by handing him a note saying “with 18 & younger, we do a saline shot.”



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Gods, I hate this timeline!


Via JW and some of the non-toxic Twitterati.

And check out the Health and Safety Measures.

Masks – surgical and FFP2 – will be provided and are easily available throughout the meeting’s venues, on Forum-provided transport and at Forum testing centres, at your convenience. Participants are encouraged to recycle their used masks in designated bins. …
Additional state-of-the-art ventilation systems have been installed in areas with restricted air circulation.

That’s the sort of thing that would be a great idea in schools, right? /s

Found a test report on Philip’s overhead disinfecting lights from 2021 on the ceiling mounted UV-C disinfection system Philips sells that shows at 160CFM air moved, a 99.9% virus reduction in 10m in a 10’x10’x10’ space.

Then I found myself checking out Philip’s T5 TUV lamps shortly after that. Found them for $7 to $20. Needs sockets, power supply, ballast, dust filter, fan, enclosure… weekend project time.

Disclaimer: I lived in Eindhoven for 6 months, back in the day. As far as corporations go, Philips generally does what they say they do.


I’m surprised I’m the first to post this one (links to the Google Translate version in Englisch):

Lauterbach warns of incurable immune deficiency caused by Corona
Anyone who gets infected with corona more often runs the risk of developing an incurable immune deficiency. According to Health Minister Lauterbach, this is indicated by various studies that are currently being further researched. As a result, the risk of chronic diseases such as dementia would increase.

Right then, score 1 point for Teutonic directness. I find it interesting that he notes the potential for impacts on the labour market.

I was a little surprised to see the editor of The Conversation, Scott White posting a new story pushing the “evidence being lacking” angle, when data points about immune system surprises continue to arrive. It seems incautious in a situation where caution seems appropriate. (Mr. White has an MBA from Rotman. I try to treat MBA’s nicely, but sometimes I struggle.)

This Long COVID review article has a lot to say on the Immunology angle.

Review Article Published: 13 January 2023
Long COVID: major findings, mechanisms and recommendations
Hannah E. Davis, Lisa McCorkell, Julia Moore Vogel & Eric J. Topol
Nature Reviews - Microbiology


So the covid misinformation has really taken over Twitter with Marge leading the charge.

Her latest claim is 8% of people that get the booster end up in the hospital from the side effects.

Interesting thing is the side effects only affect Republicans. Weird.

When I got all my shots I’ve been given plenty of paperwork addressing all of this.


This needs to happen, preferrably combined with the annual flu shot.