Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 4)

Given that it’s Florida, I feel the only moral response is to ban viagra and statins (for people who refuse the COVID vaccine).


Nooo… :cry:


Could it be FIP and a heat wave are also an ugly combination?



some analysis:


I’m currently listening to a BBC4 podcast by John Sudworth. While I am enjoying it from the viewpoint of someone who is semi-professionally interested in journalism, I am currently at episode five and and I am still wondering if all the build-up tension is actually leading somewhere not idiotic.

In the words of Tim Minchin: if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out.


Took a short trip to Boise. Came back last night, started to feel unwell on the plane. Tested positive for COVID this morning. Here’s to a great weekend.


All my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.


So sorry to hear that! I just got back from a work trip and was the only one on the plane with a mask on.


Shoot. Is your first time catching it?
If you get the headaches, can highly recommend using ice packs on your scalp. It was the only thing that helped me.
Here’s hoping it’s really minor for you, and that you can prevent household spread.


First time I’ve tested positive. But im not sure if this is my first time. Yes headache is pretty bad. Using ice packs now thanks.

Its just the missus and I at home now so we are isolating and using masks.


Hoping that you’re back on your feet soonest!

For what it’s worth - paxlovid worked well for me.


Sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself!

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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon and don’t get any longer term symptoms…

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So (she asked selfishly) were you already using ice packs, or can I take credit for whatever relief you get from them? I need every little boost I can get.

I’m still suffering shitty after effects of this thing. Not to be too gross, but I just threw up, again, even though I hardly even have an appetite or eat anymore. Ugh

But also, sorry, don’t mean to make it all about me. I hope you feel better soon, and that your wife comes through unscathed.


I was not using them before you mentioned them. They’re working pretty well.


Glad to hear it! And thanks for the boost. :yellow_heart:


Bad dose.
Um, ice packs, Lucozade and a bit of positive self-affirmation?


Some observations from my wife’s 3 day hospital stay.

It started at our local urgent care. We downloaded and filled out several forms to speed up the process. One of the forms was a covid questionnaire, vaccination, symptons, possible exposure, etc…

When she got there no masks and the receptionist said they no longer use the covid form and threw it in the trash.

Urgent care said she needed to go to the ER so we went to a satellite ER location near our home. No masks on anyone but us, we had N95s with a surgical mask on top. She needed xrays, the xray tech had a mask on.

No one made us feel uncomfortable but no one seemed to care about masking.

At one point a young kid came in with a fever and hacking up a lung, no mask on anyone involved but they did order a covid test.

ER said she needed IV antibiotics and would need to be admitted to the main hospital in Detroit. They did let us stay in a private room in the ER for 8 hours until a room was ready, they administered 2 bags of antibiotics while there. No masks on any staff that interacted with us.

Finally got to the main hospital, the largest health system in Metro Detroit, almost no one wearing masks, mostly patients and visitors but very few.

Got to her room, her roommate had bone cancer, no mask, and no one coming into the room had a mask on but us.

Finally the infectious disease doctor came in, he was wearing a mask and thanked us for wearing masks. The head infectious disease doctor came in later, no mask.

The attending doctor wore a mask.

Interestingly though, most of the night shift wore masks.

I was there about 14 - 16 hours every day, stayed in the room and never took the mask off except to sip water or soda. My wife kept the mask on the entire time except for eating or drinking.

From the might not help but can’t hurt department we both used Enovid nasal spray every few hours.

tl;dr Huge hospital no masks and no one seemed to care about taking even little extra precautions around cancer patients. All the staff that weren’t doctors were excellent despite the lack of masks. Communication between that staff us and the doctors sucked though.

It really is everyone for themselves.

Looking forward to the bill.


this is a gift article, not behind a paywall.