Cool people save moose that fell through frozen lake


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As it’s this side of the pond, that’s an Elk


Alces alces, moose



That was just in time, that moose seemed almost too weak to pull itself from the water, any longer and it would have given up.

If I was a wearer of hats, I would tip my cap to these brave, caring people.


Dagbladet, that video of the guy wallowing in frazil ice to get the dog looked cold!

As someone who has had the experience of unexpectedly swimming in near-freezing water, while wearing a backpack, I could empathize. Hope he had someplace warm to get to, fast! I didn’t, but at least I’d laid a pile of firewood nearby and had flint and tinder right to hand, which is why I can be telling the tale.

An important trick is continuing to breathe while the cold shock is trying to shut you down. (It’s a protective reflex, which is why it evolved, but it works only if there’s someone available to pull you out.)


No irony at all that this video is posted on Darwin Day?


In Europe, that’s Alces alces, elk.


Yes! Do not rely on your ability to pull yourself out of the cold water once you reach the edge. Likely your arms will be shot. If you can’t pull yourself up but can still kick your legs, get a shoulder on the surface and try to kick yourself into a roll over the edge.


In Great Britain, that’s (Miss) Anne Elk.




That moose was just retrieving his 20 kg weight!


“I’ll be right there, just need to Finnish this…”


Much better:


Those are not norwegians, but swedes. It’s reported in a Norwegian newspaper ‘Dagbladet’, but place here but in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden:Örnsköldsvik,+Sweden/@63.272559,18.657803,12z.

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