Cop arrested after admitting he wasn't shot by “Hispanic Man,” but rather shot himself and lied

You forgot family pets


He “fought” the “law” and the “law” won!

I can’t stop laughing!


I love the Frogman! He’s awesome… and his little dog, too!


Well, now, there’s no evidence that the cop is racist. He just knows that other people are racist, and more likely to buy a story where a brown person is randomly shooting cops.

Not that that’s much of a defense, mind.


The cop might not be a racist. He could just be a psychopath.


Also reptiles:
Cop shoots aggressive tortoise - boing - Boing Boing BBS

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Ok but buying into the concept that others will take “brown person” as justification and then acting on it is racism, no?


It actually might be worse than racism. I mean, every human on planet Earth at least has some internalized ambient racism in their outlook due simply to be raised among a species that artifices races (yeah, race is man-made and has no biological basis). But deliberately exploiting that bias for personal advancement? That’s some shady shit.


Enh, I’d say it’s more cynically and self-servingly exploiting other people’s racism. Which, as GulliverFoyle says, is at least as bad. I mean, is someone who thinks it’s okay to exploit brown people really any worse than someone who thinks it’s okay to exploit everyone?

he has red eyes.

possessed by a Demon? call the exorcist!

Why? The police should at least try to rebuild trust.

Excellent questions. Maybe taking part in a shoot-out is some kind of award in gun-friendly police departments?


But not as intelligent.

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This can’t be repeated enough.

Recent research has shown that all the pedigree breeds of dogs - with all their variety of size, shape and color - are less genetically diverse than the population of “village dogs” around the world, which all look more or less the same. The relevance to human beings should be obvious, since the total variation of shape and color in the current human population is less than that of pedigree dogs.

Yet even the worst racist doesn’t write papers claiming that white cockapoos are racially and intellectually superior to brown ones, or that it is the manifest destiny of poodles to exterminate all other dog breeds in the interests of canine Lebensraum.


The human counterpart of this is that the vast majority of human genetic diversity (80 or 90% IIRC) is within Saharan African ‘black’ populations.


the poodle has a size of 63 cm! it’s not a pedigree dog according to FCI standards! it must not used for breeding!

not sure if dog breeders are a good example for your very important point

It’s more of a linear scale the way I understand it.
From Wikipedia (Distribution of variation)

Although modern Eurasians have small amounts of Neanderthal DNA, which sub-Saharan Africans do not.
So perhaps it’s some sort of literal Neanderthal rage that drives people like this.

Now now, people, HE might be Hispanic himself, so technically he could be telling the truth.

Of course he could’ve also claimed “I was shot by some idiotic moron” and be 100% truthful.


In eerily similar but much sadder news: Illinois police officer who triggered manhunt actually committed suicide. Just a hypothesis - is there something like a “hero complex” where people in dangerous jobs or positions of authority invent a crisis or situation because they feel inadequate e.g. because they’ve never been shot at? Just wondering if that’s actually a thing, if it might apply in these cases.


I see what you did there.

I’d be willing to bet their legal department budget isn’t up to that particular task. And even if it was, I’m sure the PD chief doesn’t want to open that particular box (which is likely labeled “Pandora’s–Do Not Touch”).

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What makes you think that H S Neanderthalensis was in any significant way different from H S Sapiens, other than a biologically undemonstrated racist nomenclature?

During the Mesolithic sapiens sapiens nearly went extinct (perhaps as low as 300 individuals). It may well be that they drove sapiens neanderthalensis to extinction; it may just be that the Neanderthals were unlucky in their habitat when the ice came, and become completely extinct. But in the absence of living specimens we can’t conclude that they were intellectually inferior to us. Women’s brains are on average smaller than men’s, and Neanderthal braincase sizes overlap ours.

A lot of what we believe we know about human prehistory is actually mediated through some very racist assumptions which do not get challenged nearly enough (though Scientific American has been doing a good job of it.)

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not sure if I understand your question. “my” poodle was too large and outside of the FCI norm, any offspring isn’t qualified as FCI pedigree poodle.