Cop called on black man in his own pool


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I suppose one could proceed even further down the sophistic rabbit hole and have a debate on debating tactics, or one could simply shut up and ignore a specific argument made by anti-immigrant racists, or one could introduce a direct counter-argument in the debate. You know where i stand.


Of course. That 100% goes without saying.

Not the point that I’ve been trying to make, but – as far as ammunition for whatever arguments get vomited out by the Right – I think we should have as many arrows as possible in our quiver.


No, I don’t actually know where you stand. I still don’t see how pointing out that the Irish suffered discrimination back before joining the White Club is an effective counterargument in a debate with anti-immigrant racists.

Are you saying that they’d be taken aback or something by hearing that? Because I suspect many of them already know it, and further, that they’ve already used it (as I said) to comparatively blast away at darker people. I’ve often heard anti-immigrant racists do that.


Oh, boy. I think we’re finished here.


What the hell?

Is it so difficult to simply spell out what you’re trying to say to people who are sincerely asking you to do so?


No peace officer requires any documentation to make an arrest when presented with evidence or a report by a credible witness of a crime having taken place. The documentation is filled out later. Who’s been telling you otherwise?


But that was not what I said. Now was it.


Sure reads that way to me. What were you saying?


In order for the police to press charges against an individual for a minor disturbance the “victim” needs to be willing to press said charges.

A domestic disturbance for example.

Otherwise the arrest is fruitless and leads no where. The response was to the above stated “so, wait. the police department won’t do anything unless this man files a formal complaint?”.

No the police won’t do anything unless the victim in question files a complaint. That’s how that works.


Although people of color are far more likely to be harrassed by police, far more white folks are actually harrassed, because although police harrassment is unequally distributed, there are six times as many white folks.

So basically you’ve just been lucky, but luck is more likely to favor you if you’re pale skinned and live in a low crime community. A cop could bash your head in tomorrow and would probably get away with it.

Climbing a barrier into private property is trespassing whether it’s posted or not. Posting is only necessary when there is no obvious barrier or delineation.

Sadly, much of the modern left has wholeheartedly embraced the verbiage and tactics of their opposition. This seems to be true in every arena, not just human rights issues; I die a little inside every time someone who is supposedly a free thinker says “death tax” or “global warming”. But personally I applaud your vocal rejection of the tactics of racism. Don’t give up the fight!

Well, that should clear up anyone’s doubts as to what was going on here. The black resident was being racially assaulted and his property was stolen. I do hope he presses charges, at very least for the theft.


Oh, see I saw the cop take that mans belongings and abuse his power then I saw the evidence of that crime posted on the internet. One might expect any decent peace officer who would see that would lay cuffs on that off duty cop for official oppression under the color of law or some such. But I guess someone will have to ask the police to do their job,


Again. If I steal your stuff and I refuse to press charges or file a complaint. The police cannot do anything about it.

That’s how it works.

Your sarcasm doesn’t fix/ change that. It is how the system is currently designed.

Snarling my reply on bbs is not an effective method to fix said issue. Nor does it add to the conversation.

But maybe that’s just my opinion.


Is that how it’s really designed though? If a cop comes across evidence of a crime (this video) are they barred from doing anything about it until charges are pressed? Isn’t the act of committing a crime enough to warrant legal repercussion? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?
In other words, if there exists publicly available evidence of a peace officer committing a crime, should not the public rest assured that the crime will be investigated and the criminal brought to justice without having to wait for the victim to gather enough courage to go to the police and report that an officer comited a crime against him?


This is a class d perhaps c misdemeanor at best. It is an off duty cop which makes her a civilian at that moment in time. Someone must file the complaint and press charges. Someone has to do that.

I am really not sure how else to explain this. Use google. Call a lawyer-friend. Or a cop-friend. Contact your local police department or sheriffs office.

They cannot do anything until someone files a complaint. Feel free to believe or theorize anything else to your hearts content.


I don’t even trust ME at this point.


And that’s how she is representing herself, as just another civilian?

She is a civillian at all points in time, (unless she is in the National Guard, then she is a soldier a weekend a month and two weeks a year.)

Civiliian LEO are civilians. All of em. They will tell you otherwise, because they want it to be the case.


also in that gif, Fry and Laurie (Lords Snot and Monty), on tv together for I believe the first time.


Again. The guy who was harassed has to file a complaint first. If he doesn’t want to. Or if the manager of the complex doesn’t want to file a complaint. Then the department can’t do anything.

I am not sure what is so difficult to understand for anyone on this process.

That’s it. If you don’t like this process go out and affect change to it. But this is how it works today.


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