Cop called on black man in his own pool


(Off-topic, but I’m compelled to point out that that’s the episode with Motörhead :metal: :metal:)


I suppose one could proceed even further down the sophistic rabbit hole and have a debate on debating tactics, or one could simply shut up and ignore a specific argument made by anti-immigrant racists, or one could introduce a direct counter-argument in the debate. You know where i stand.


Of course. That 100% goes without saying.

Not the point that I’ve been trying to make, but – as far as ammunition for whatever arguments get vomited out by the Right – I think we should have as many arrows as possible in our quiver.


No, I don’t actually know where you stand. I still don’t see how pointing out that the Irish suffered discrimination back before joining the White Club is an effective counterargument in a debate with anti-immigrant racists.

Are you saying that they’d be taken aback or something by hearing that? Because I suspect many of them already know it, and further, that they’ve already used it (as I said) to comparatively blast away at darker people. I’ve often heard anti-immigrant racists do that.


Oh, boy. I think we’re finished here.


What the hell?

Is it so difficult to simply spell out what you’re trying to say to people who are sincerely asking you to do so?