Cop who killed black man in his own apartment could face murder charges from new District Attorney


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Related to bail, warrants on outstanding tickets and unpaid tickets can do a lot to wreck someone’s livelihood. Especially if the tickets are for minor things, and the economic and time cost it takes to sort it out is astronomical for someone with no means (i know i lived it myself). The court system needs to be able to recognize how they impact people with no means to defend themselves or pay their way out.


Elections have consequences.

And it looks like Beto, although he lost, raised a lot of blue boats.


This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but I guess it is. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like a murder charge is appropriate, but certainly manslaughter. Beats the hell out of the days when it was a shrug of the shoulders and “he was no angel.”


Dallas has long been a blue county.


There is a horrible irony that poor people pay more than rich people for all sorts of things, especially the consequences for things like parking tickets and failure to appear, things people with money can brush off even if they ignore them by having a lawyer wave them away later. But poor people, not so much. And even if they get something as basic as a suspended license for failure to pay tickets or failure to appear taken care of, they may never be able to pay for the increased insurance costs thereafter. Our system has some serious high/low justice suck in it.


Why would it ever not be partisan? Conservatives want to push the police force more militarized, leftists are the only persons seeking reform.




Yeah i would like to see tickets based off people’s income as some countries already do. Doubt they’d do that here in the US but i can always hope


That’s true but the defeated DA was Rep replaced by a Dem. Now it’s even bluer. Yay!



I said should.


Conservatives and liberals.



If anyone other than a cop did this, there would be no question it would be a murder charge.


Frankly it still kind of blows my mind that we live in a society where the very concept that “black lives matter” is a subject of open, heated partisan debate.


I’m starting to wonder if some departments are using that as a recruiting slogan. “Sign up now and get away with murder!”


Fox did a great job turning BLM into a shorthand for “kill whitey.” We have to demonize those we would oppress - otherwise, we would be oppressors.


That question has been at the centre of US politics from the birth of the nation.


A fair clarification. All of one party and many of another are pro-MIC


Eh? Person breaks into home, shoots occupant. Murder. We’re done here.


Be fair. The Founders clearly stated that those lives mattered (for census purposes but only at 3/5 as much as a real person).