Cop who tortured handcuffed man had prior record of attacking people


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For all the gut-wrenching nastiness of that scene from Reservoir Dogs it would have been more believable if the roles had been reversed.


Why isn’t this thug behind bars?



In fact, the police department covered this up for many years it would seem. AFAIK, that is what we call a conspiracy. In this case, to cover up criminal activity which I think is still called obstruction of justice in most places. The management at that cop shop should all be in handcuffs right now…


That’s what disturbed me the most, also. What were the other cops doing? They not only allowed the beating to happen, but assisted in it. Why weren’t they prosecuted? or at least fired. I am so fed up with these cops.


But it’s such a hard job!

Hard on the knuckles, hard on the elbows, hard on the knees, hard on the feet.

Don’t get me started about trigger-finger arthritis! And the terrible, terrible nightmares they must have… about the guys down at the station cajoling them for helping that person one time.

Well, looks like it’s about time we privatised the force and started hiring psychopaths that have been specifically selected from pools of thoroughly psychologically-tested maniacs.


RICO, suavé


Just a few bad apples, right?

Who is picking these apples, and how the fuck do they still have a job?!?


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