Cormac McCarthy's ex-wife threatened man with handgun pulled from vagina… plus space aliens!


Insert (ahem) Jenny McCarthy anti-vaxxer joke here. Seriously, would you? I can’t think of a good one right now.

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How do you… there must be a LOT of variation there.

“Who is crazy, you or me?”
Well, definitely you, but I'm here by choice so the smart money's on "both"

The novel writes itself. Oh…wait…

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Should’ve had a “no handguns in twat” clause in that prenup

I don’t have either one so I don’t know firsthand, but … ouch. (Actually I don’t have any of the above – vagina, gun, aliens, wife – ex or not – or Cormac.)

You’ve got to stop getting your news from The Onion, man.

I refuse to believe this actually happened. Fingers in ears…lalalalalala.


Anti-waxxer joke? :snoerk:

Is “all of the above” a valid answer?

I’m thinking the safest way to do this would also require grasping the barrel to insert/ remove the gun. Which most would not do. Walking around with a gun aimed directly at internal organs, to me is a risk that outweighs any possible advantage.

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Write what you know.


Apparently, once the revolver was removed from Miss McCarthy, the boyfriend put it…in the toilet? As the saying goes, if you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly. They had the crazy cranked up to 11 that night.

Oh, so that’s what fingerbang means!


Clickbait-style headline:
“You won’t BELIEVE where Jenny McCarthy conceals her handguns!”

(I’m sure someone can do way better than this)

An exception to the rule, in which the reveal is actually much weirder than the clickbait title would have you think.


It’s crazy that this is the ex-wife of Cormac McCarthy. He’s an interesting guy.

Apparently he attracts interesting women, too.

This is sadder than The Road


The only thing I can think is “even if it was unloaded… Dragging a front sight across mucous membranes can’t be fun (or non-damaging)”.


Safety rule #1: Do not point the muzzle at anything you wouldn’t destroy (and not intended as a snide teen colloquialism).

Shouldn’t this article come with a trigger warning?

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