COUP: Under cover of #muslimban, Bannon throws top general and spy off the National Security Council and installs himself in their stead


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Putin announced the changes shortly after speaking with Putin for an hour.

Not sure if there’s an error in the OP.


We are all Putin now:


Nice typo :smile: who announced the changes - Trump or Putin?


This is just draining the swamp. Nothing to worry about.


I’m pretty sure it was Spicer.


Trump announced the changes shortly after speaking with Putin for an hour.

Who writes this shit? Dale Brown.


White House insiders say that Bannon personally intervened to extend the Muslim ban to Green Card holders, an illegal move that heightened the controversy around the ban.

Note that Bannon has exactly zero official authority under any law whatsoever, and that this executive order (certainly Bannon’s interpretation of it) steps on any number of actual laws and regulations put in place over decades. This is literally the definition of rule by men, not by law. It’s also the definition of dictatorship: “Bannon says so”.

Also note that the various line-level DHS government employees were eager to follow the maximalist version of Bannon’s orders. Does not bode well.


Going by the frogs-in-a-kettle metaphor, how many degrees is the water temperature right now? And by how many degrees did this development just increase it?

ETA: No, seriously. I want answers, however speculative.



Has anyone actually read the document? It clearly states

“The Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, as statutory advisers to the NSC, shall also attend NSC
meetings” This statement is in the paragraph specifying the “regular attendees”.

Stephen K. Bannon is separately mentioned in the list of people who “are invited as attendees to any NSC meeting”:
"…the Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist…".


I realize the BoingBoing staff doesn’t like Trump, but please try to get your facts straight. As a thought, maybe the Washington Post isn’t the best place to get your “facts”. Try going to the source, instead.


In 1944, as the Russian threat intensified, Hitler put Himmler in charge of the War in the East, over the heads of the generals. Guderian expressed his concern and Hitler refused to permit him to doubt that Himmler was up to the job. Though I guess Bannon is more Goebbels than Himmler. For now.
Godwin’s Law doesn’t say whether it’s true or not.


Um, except that white nationalist political hack without actual authority or any relevant experience Steve Bannon is now an attendee in EVERY meeting, while the DNI and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff used to be attendees in EVERY meeting, but have now been demoted to attending by invitation only, “where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed”. That latter quote finishes the sentence your selective editing removed.

That’s from “the source”.


TRUMP: The less immigrants we let into the country, the better.
BANNON: Fewer.
TRUMP: Shhh! Don’t call me that in public, yet.


I invite you to quote facts in the linked story that are incorrect.


Indeed. Separation of powers and legal rulings are useless when the men in power can flaunt flout the law without consequence.

We need more people in the streets. We need more civil disobedience and conciencous objectors and general strikes and acts of physical resistance. It’s not going to be fun.


(psst! I think you mean “flout”, not “flaunt”, because the former indicates disregard, and the other means that they’re showing it off.)


The changes to the National Security Council make sense if it’s mainly going to be concerned with internal security.


They are flaunting their ability to flout the law. Probably while eating flautas made from flour tortillas.


Fluting while Washington burns?