Couple whose tea leaves were mistaken for weed loses lawsuit

$25k seems a little low for calling a hit on a cop…

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Is that the only way to impact their lives? The fun is to force their hand, make them change the way they do things. Inflicting physical harm is the language that they understand, but there is no need to stoop to their level.

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I pegged you for the kind of person who’d hire a marching band to follow them around playing Baby Elephant walk until the cop started shooting band members.

Either that, or figuring out a way to deliver them absurd numbers of live animals every day.


Really? Cops are now using divination, looking for probable causes in tea leaves?

Did I get it right?


In all fairness to Smokey, CIA agents are far more likely to be involved in drug trafficking than the general population.



Excluding all those things it’s stellar at, you can’t trust chemistry for anything.

Well… They’re not doing chemistry, so much as cooking, in this case.

I’ve played with urinalysis reagent tests. The kind you can get at the pharmacy that test for 5 or 7 or 12 drugs. They only are reliable for general classes. For instance, when I was taking ritalin (prescribed by a doctor for 10 years) it invariably tripped the cocaine tests. Because ritalin is nearly identical to cocaine, structurally.


Actually it’s dependent on a multitude of factors. Including medium used (Aeroponic, aquaponic, hydroponic, organic, hydro-organic etc) Methods used in conjunction with previously stated methods. Example, types of hydroponic systems (eb flow, nutrient flow aka (NFT), drip lines etc) Then genetics i.e. F1. Sub species i.e. sativa, indica, rudalarius. Growing from seed versus via clone from a donor (mother) plant. Lighting type, duration or lighting cycles i.e. 18-24 hour lighting for vegatative, 12/12 flowering etc. Co2 levels. Temperatures during flowering. Humidity. Crucial temperatures during dark hours while in the flowering stage. (Should mimic nature and be brisk at night). Really the variables are endless. Realistically you can be looking at 2-6 months depending on the factors above. Sativa can add 2-4 weeks to your cycle.

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Certainly not 8

C’mon America, grow up!


As nice as that sounds, they get charges added on for bribery (if the cops didn’t like it).

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