Couple's 'maternity shoot' turns weird


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Someone dumped this already at imgur, where I of course never go during my lunch break because I am an responsible adult and in way want to distract myself from reality by looking at memes and bullshit on the web.


Some folks take their pop culture obsessions a bit to far IMO.


That’s fantastic. :hugs:
The family shots at the end are what really make it IMO.


People with potential.


(I had to)


Oh, look at the little guy! It has it’s mother’s…um… abdominal wall, gallbladder and liver? In it’s GI tract?


“Change my order to the soup.”


Anyway, looks like fun. Given the apparent US-American obsessive behaviour around parents in waiting (including baby shower parties and the likes), this could be filed under we wanted something different but still compatible.

Just FTR too much pop culture influence, I hear Ripley talking to Mother in my head now. And then for some reason, Dan Akroyd’s face then superimposes itself on the guy in those pictures.


These are my kinda mutants.


White people are weird.


very well done – but, “maternity shoot”? these are things that people do now?


At some point, the kid is going to need context to understand their parents’ offbeat maternity photos. So the question is, which order should they show the Alien movies to the child? Is there a Machete Order for the Alien franchise, Alien v. Predator, and the Prometheus prequels?


Fun! But, you have to log in to Facebook to see it all, and I mean this very gently, but aren’t y’all actively discouraging everyone from using Facebook? :slightly_smiling_face:


There are “gender reveal parties” too. This is before the baby is born._


Yes we are.


only way that would be better is if its shot via selfie stick!


Any idea what the little xenomorph’s gender is?


I am fairly certain Xenomorphs are gender neutral unless it is a queen. Which you’d know by the baby’s head crest…

And I just realized I now have spent more time looking into this than any person ever should. fml