Covering "racist rubbish" with pics of kitties in Manchester, England

Water damage?

They get water damaged, but they are a popular form of graffiti in my neighborhood and they hold up longer than you would think.


The picture in the story shows it covering up an Extinction Rebellion sticker, which is highly unlikely to be racist.

Maybe. But there was also a glut of fake extinction rebellion posters going around for a while. There was a post about it in here a few months back.


ETA: seems that the cat picture was indeed covering up a fake extinction rebellion poster.


The messages on the fake Extinction Rebellion posters line up with some definitions of “ecofascism”, so the perpetrators might be ecofascists hijacking the XR brand to promote their ideas or opponents of XR seeking to smear XR by associating it with ecofascism.

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You might be able to cover it with adhesive laminating plastic. WalMart or online sources should have it.


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