Cranberry orange-bread, 50 years later


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I have a really good recipe for cranberry-orange oatmeal cookies floating around somewhere, but it never helped me find love.

sad trombone


I’ll be darned, that’s almost identical to my mom’s recipe for cranberry orange bread! Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, and every year I make a couple loaves of cranberry bread and a couple apple pies in her memory (also ‘cause they’re delish). Using her recipes to bake things that she loved makes it feel like she is still close by.

Happy Thanksgiving mom, we miss you!


holy cats they are so adorable. i don’t even NEED to know the recipe.


I agree, that couple is adorable as all get-out. I want to spend a holiday in Miss Trudy’s kitchen! Here’s the recipe.


It’s bound to be stale.


No problem. Give it to that Steve1989MREInfo guy.


Love comes when you least expect it. Try fruitcake.


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