Crayfish amputates its own claw to avoid being boiled to death in restaurant hotpot

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One night in KL we went out for steamboat. We had these big prawns which kept jumping out of the boiling water and scuttling away across the ground.

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An open letter to the community:

I have heard there are humans who act in a similar fashion when, having been “over-served”, they wake up in the morning to find somebody lying on their arm. And they find to their horror that the person gently snoring next to them (on their arm) looks…different…in the cold light of a relatively sober new day. A quick, quiet exit is utterly essential.

Sadly, unlike the crayfish, we cannot regenerate an appendage amputated to enable such an escape.




I know how he feels, but I would amputate his claw after he’s cooked. Yum!

Jesus, can’t you just throw the poor thing into the water whole and fast?

Oh Jesus, not another JP thread.


You would almost think he’s done that before.


Clearly its serotonin levels were higher than the pots’.


I’m torn between a joke about this being the ancestral mother of an intelligent new species of crawfish bent on revenge, and simply quoting Bender Bending Rodriguez:

“It’s always so sad when a friend goes crazy and you have to have a big clam-bake and cook him!”


Oh stop it you

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Well, I guess that little fellow fails his Gom Jabbar.

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Crayfish make surprisingly good pets. Naturally solitary, they don’t seem to mind social isolation, and they’re much more personable than fish! My daughter had one that could recognize individual humans and definitely preferred some to others.


It’s not quite clear why the crayfish acts that way. Was the claw damaged by the heat already, or was it just weighing it down and preventing a fast getaway?


So it was a win-win situation.

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JP? Judas Priest?

I wondered the same thing. Why sever the claw when he was already free to make a getaway. It burns! It burns! Well then, cut it off.

I, for one, would welcome a Judas Priest thread.


Is this another Jordan Peterson thread?

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Same here; we must make it so.


One of the many strange arguments with my Japanese roommate in college. Of all the things he was willing to eat, Crayfish was not one, because they were like puppy dogs to him. I guess it’s common for kids to catch them in the rice paddies and keep them as pets or something? At least in more rural areas.

In fairness, they do have a lot of personality. A few years back I saw one crossing a bike trail after a rain (there was swamp on either side of the bike path). He (she?) got defensive when I took a pic of him.

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