Crazy Christ-induced mouth spasms


It is worth noting that even Paul thought the idea was bullshit. Popular bullshit, of the sort you’d quietly dissuade folks from rather than denounce outright, but still bullshit.


“Crazy Christ-induced mouth spasms”, indeed.


Christ chose Donnie for bone spurs, impeachment and hairitis.


“That’s right”

What is this weird form of Tourettes that evangelical christians seem to be afflicted with?


The fucking crazy in this country is getting worse and worse.


This is the likely criteria to determine their “god’s” chosen.


I actually spun up the Star Wars gif without even noticing it in the original post. Tru Fail!

So I will add a new one:


I’d be interested to hear how they arrived at the idea that he’s chosen by God. Was Obama chosen by God? How can you tell?


Jokes on her. I don’t have any kids.


It’s interesting how the grifters are rallying around the Con-mander In Chief.

This may also be some kind of filter, like Nigerian e-mail scams being crude and obvious to not waste time on the intelligent people they won’t get money out of. Hell, the entire :tangerine::poop: phenomena may be have some roots in this.


Well duh, they did the choosing of course, how else would they know he’s the chosen one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He’s the chosen one because he wants to take away the rights of women and of people like me, and so they’re quite content to bow down to him, because they’re worshippers not of the God of liberation and redemption, but the god of restriction and constraint . . . in other words, Satan. Makes me think of Blake, frankly.


Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens




Hopefully Ground Zero for god’s curses.


I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.

– Oliver Cromwell to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 1650.


Well I just call it fuckwittery. Fuckwits all the way down.


That “last supper” look must be intentional.


Everyone just chill. It’s all good. I actually know who this woman is. She’s the one that fell into a coma on a glacier back in 13th century Kingdom of Norway. She got buried under many centuries of snow and there she remained for a long time, as frosty as the 6-year-old corn kernels are in your freezer right now. Anyways, as I’m sure you heard, rising temps recently thawed her out and, much to everyone’s surprise, she managed to wake back up! She’s to be excused because she’s currently going through a “transition period” where her psych doctors are trying to make her understand that leaders are no longer “chosen by God” these days, but instead they are chosen through a totally flawed, sham, and corrupted electoral system. You can certainly understand her confusion!!