Crazy squirrel stalks selfie woman


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She was the first thing to ever run from the squirrel. He simply thought she must be a prey animal.


Have you been reading the recent research into rodents that kill the offspring of competing species? I will never look at a hamster the same way again (mind you I used to look at them with mild distaste, not blood-curdling fear.)


Obviously imported when they translated Shakespeare into English.


I was thinking at the time of the successful Swiss experiment in which they dropped chicken heads dosed with rabies vaccine in areas where there were foxes. The clever idea was that crunching the chicken heads created enough micro-punctures to get the vaccine into the foxes’ bloodstreams and for it to work. I’m not sure what you would use for squirrels, though. Nuts with tiny bits of carborundum on the shells?



I don’t care if it’s a dog, cat, chicken, goose, squirrel, or whatever. If it’s small enough to kick like a football, I don’t see what there is to be afraid of from an aggressive animal.

You would be amazed how quickly a small dog can bite you. Our medium-sized dog can, when he wants to, sneak up behind you in absolute silence; so can a lot of animals. Your error lies in forgetting that the visual field only covers about a quarter of a sphere at best, including peripheral vision.

Perfect. I’ll send you in to deal with the rattlesnakes.


Squirrels are almost never rabid. Come on, you should know this fact.

That looks a bit like a female squirrel, I think her name is Tippie-Toe


Or the freakin scorpions.


Very adorable; just know that now that you have taken that baby squirrel in, it can’t return to the wild.

Also, here’s a ridiculously cute vid on the subject:


Not true in general or in our case either. As I mentioned, we brought the squirrel to an animal rescuer who lives down the street from us the next morning. He put the squirrel in a pen with about 8 other baby squirrels.

As long as only one person provides the care and handling, and the squirrel is left to socialize with other squirrels, after about 8 weeks old it can be returned to the wild and will go on with a normal squirrel life (ie, vicious competition for territory and food as in most of the animal kingdom).

If on the other hand a squirrel is treated as a pet with lots of people handling it, and taught not to fear dogs and cats, that squirrel would not survive if returned to the wild, or would continue to try to come back to what it knows as a safe place. Then as a feisty adolescent it would not be very welcome, and would probably not meet a happy end. Soup maybe.

That was the point I was making, thinking that you may have intended to keep it as a pet.

Somehow I missed the bit in your previous comment about the animal rescuer, but I am at work, and it can happen easily when I’m skimming conversations online, in between projects.

Regardless, the vid I posted is still too cute.

Take care.

or squirrel burying a nut in dog

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And the fire ants.


I had a squirrel for years who went marauding through my tomatoes. Every time one would get just barely red, the next day it would be half eaten in the driveway. Then it gnawed a hole in the roof and set up housekeeping in my insulation. We hired a company to trap him and they covered that area with metal drip edge so he couldn’t get back in. So he ate half a rafter corner on the porch and then chewed a hole through the screen (10 feet up) so he could prance around on the porch.

I fixed that goddamn screen a dozen times in one summer and it never lasted more than a few days.

My border collie, Alice, was obsessed with trying to herd them. She never successfully caught one, but she chased and bounced all over the back yard trying.

Except once, last summer. He had the unfortunate luck to chew a hole in the screen and come inside while Alice was sleeping out there. When I went out one morning, there was a squirrel carcass, inside the screened porch, missing a nose.

Alice was a champion girl and I miss her.


Hell, hamsters will eat their own offspring when resources are scarce.

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And when under stress.

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No Joke.

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