Critical Race Theory

The cognitive dissonance in that description actually hurts.

To quote the famous dissent in Plessy v Ferguson by Judge Harlan as proof that the Constitution is color blind is head spinning.

It was the sole dissent in a 7-1 decision, where the other justices used the same US constitution and legal theory of the day along with a unhealthy dollop of their own racism to enshrine the notion that laws of segregation were constitutional.

Oh and the part where
CRT is now the de facto worldview of virtually every major American institution, from primary schools to corporate board rooms.

We should be so lucky.


This ties into Critical Race Theory and is worth the time…


Started with CRT, and went downhill from there…


I think a possible way for teachers to fight back is to shut down any conversation about any part of US history, and let the kids bug their parents about why, for example, “teacher said we’re not allowed to learn about the Alamo because that would require teaching us that racism is an integral part of US history, which is illegal in our state.”


I like this approach in theory, but then I imagine those schools just cancelling the whole history department. :confused: That’s no good.


Yeah… exactly. Let’s remember that our state legislature here would gladly outlaw public schooling altogether fwiw.


Scanning this thread this came to me: Are we witnessing the biggest Streisand effect ever??

Critical theory is an obscure topic in social philosophy and critical race theory is a subtopic in that. Very few people knew about it and outside academia very few needed to know.

Now it is mainstream, just what the conservatives tried to prevent. Evil indeed carries the seed of its own destruction :slight_smile:


Is it? The term is, but I suspect very few people know what CRT actually is.


True enough. And the ones screaming the loudest against CRT are the ones knowing the least about it. (Kinda a natural law that :confused: )

But the thing about CRT (and CT) is that it is not really a thing nor a fact. It is way to think about and describe history and societies and that is exactly what is happening now opponents dragged it into the limelight. Pure Streisand.


I wonder about the impact on the economy if they really follow that path. Isn’t getting parents back to work the main reason conservatives have been pushing to reopen schools during a pandemic?


Critical Theory II, The wrath of Horkheimer.

Yes. But that could be done with private religious schools, church based charity and charter schools. There’s a scary amount of support for that kind of education system. Not so much that I think it will happen soon or easily. People will put up a fight. But enough that there’s really no attack on public education or educators here that is unthinkable.