John Oliver breaks down the Critical Race Theory strawman

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The west created Christianity? Jesus lived in the Middle East.


Not sure why they bother trying to make CRT look exaggeratedly dangerous or ridiculous. The basic idea of “acknowledge racism has existed and still exists” is already terrifying enough for most fragile white snowflakes to oppose it without further justification.


The video is geoblocked where I live (Australia).
This one works, though.


Listened this morning. I mess John Oliver when he doesn’t have a weekly show. Good stuff.


From what I understand, the Anti-CRT Scaremongers are flipping it from being an “Us” problem, to being a “Them” problem. “It issue isn’t that We are a racist society; it is that They are pointing it out, and causing “division”.” :thinking: :roll_eyes: :grimacing: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The Republican spin-doctors don’t really care what the truth of CRT is. They’re too busy lying about it for their own benefit. Here’s a screencap for proof:

It infuriates me to see such gentlemen openly admit to what they’re doing, in total arrogant confidence that they’ll get away with it. It makes me despair at how often they do get away with it.


If you ever want another piece of evidence that CRT is just a scaremonger’s strawman, look no further than Australian Parliament. Not only is CRT only a legal theory taught in some law schools, it’s also only taught in the US. Yet in June last year our dipshit Senate actually voted to remove it from our school’s curriculum. The thing that is not, was not, and has never been part of any curriculum in any Australian school, ever.
Oh, and the Senate also has no jurisdiction over school curricula. That’s determined by the states. The federal government only has (limited) jurisdiction over vocational education and childcare.
Unsurprisingly, the motion was brought forth by Pauline Hanson, one of our most openly racist politicians who originally got to power on the platform “We are being swamped by Asians.”
The scaremongering about “Critical Race Theory” is nothing more than a racist’s tool to silence any discussion of racism of any kind.


Yes, well, that and a right-wing political effort to fire up white voters, by appealing to their fears of other people and their false sense that any gains made by those others come at the expense of white people. I imagine that’s as true in Australia as it is in the U.S.


That top quote was mentioned in Oliver’s piece.

Yes, they are treating all of this as marketing.

Just like “liberal” “socialist” “communist” “woke” - its all just buzz words to signify the other. They can’t even articulate what those things mean. And if they were able to, they falsely apply it to people that it doesn’t even fit!


Scholars make a distinction between Early Christianity (Middle East) and the end of that with the First Council of Nicaea in Turkey where the tenets of Christianity were first “officially” laid out and accepted. Turkey is considered to be a kind of border country between the West and the East; definitely not a Middle Eastern country. So, Early Christianity (Middle East), Christianity (big toss up).


I hadn’t seen the video when I typed out the reply, since my internet was acting up. I’ve seen it now, and I’m glad he mentioned it. Even so, I don’t regret pointing it out in-thread, because these flat-out lies need to be exposed every chance we get, so they can be debunked and dismissed, instead of being repeated so often they wind up getting accepted as fact by those who are less-informed.


I found this to be a great approach to the subject. You might want to stay and watch more of his videos. He’s really good in how he approaches things.


I propose a deal with Chris Ruffo…

For every child that is “saved” from learning about CRT, every child’s parent who sees through this ruse gets a shot at kicking Chris Ruffo in the nuts as hard as they can. Maybe that will change his mind.

This is not really a call to violence, because I know he’d never take that offer. It might be fun, though.


Constantine was based in Milan before moving the capital to Constantinople. I’m no expert in the early spread of the church, but Christianity as we know it now was a creature of the Roman Empire. More powerful in the East, but this was before the empire was split.


Perfectly fair.

I am not sure about that. It does show up on the curriculum of law and social studies in other countries too.

Critical theory certainly is not US-only, it originated in Germany and England. CRT is arguably a sub-field of that theory. The US is not the only country with a history of slavery and systemic racism in law and social structures and you can’t really study US CRT without comparing it to other countries where things ran differently.

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We have decodified the term and will recodify it

Is that Deleuzian terminology? That would be ironic

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Best part begins at 0:54

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I think D’s should consider this tactic. Don’t defend CRT, attack R’s for the truth behind their push: they want to deny that racism exists so they can continue to give more rights to rich, straight, white males. I think most people understand what the Rs are really saying. After all only R’s are banning books and suing teachers.