Crocs no longer making Crocs

The fools! Don’t they know that America has a substantial imprisoned workforce they could tap in to?


I had plantar fasciitis and the Crocs allowed me comfort when walking but, when those treads wear down, any wet surface becomes an Indiana Jones death trap.


I buy a new pair every summer and where them everyday, because of there comfort. I even got my sister and daughter to try them. I wish they would come up with cuter styles for women. And a narrow size because some styles I can’t wear they are to wide. Maybe thicken tread also they can become slick as a baby seal! Love my crocs wearing them at 10 yrs noe

This story made me wonder if Country Crock is still a thing. Yep, it’s still hangin’ in.





Same. Between those black flats I posted, and the fact that I’ve been able to wear slippers to work* all summer, my foot has stopped hurting. Before the slippers, the Crocs were the only shoes that stopped the faciitis pain.

(It’s a kids’ play zone so no shoes allowed inside. Alas we’re only renting some of their space for the summer)


That was to distract from the statement that they were assembled in China (under dubious labor conditions), as US import laws require the listing of country of origin.

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Ooh, I like those slingbacks!

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I’ve heard that crocs can be dangerously slipper when wet.


I suspect that they are in for an unpleasant surprise if they hope that will work:

Rubbery footwear doesn’t require an OS or nearly as many things that you can hang copyrights or design patents on as computers do; so they’ll need something very clever indeed if they expect their own subcontractors(or a defintely-not-related outfit run by their subcontractor’s cousin) to be stamping out ghost shift product in short order; and the output to move from “overtly illegal copies” to “similar enough to be worrisome but not necessarily room to litigate” over time.


Not sure why the Internet is blowing up over this.

It’s not like Crocs will be anywhere amongst the first companies to use third party manufacturing.

I think they also used that joke for Birkenstocks back in the 90s.

I wonder what kind of ugly-but-comfy-footwear will be all the rage in the 2020s.

For when Boston has the climate of Hanoi.

Never tried crocs. Oofos are my go to, especially for my plantar fasciitis I live in those when it’s warm enough, which is most of the year here.

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I use the thongs (aahhh, flipflops)

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Flip-flops are the G-strings of footwear.

For some long forgotten reason, family slang calls them “the non-crease (shoes)”.

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